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Donation Submissions

Make sure to read over the Policies and Procedures before beginning to collect donations for your philanthropy event. You'll find key information about collecting and submitting checks, cash and in-kind donations, as well as how to process credit card gifts online.

Community Contributions Grant Applications
Alpha Phi Foundation's Community Contribution Program allows Alpha Phi collegiate chapters to designate up to 50% of the chapter's donation to a Foundation program or chapter-specific fund. Requests for suggested Community Contributions funds may also be made for qualified local 501(c)(3) organizations whose work is in alignment with the mission of Alpha Phi Foundation (supporting scholarship, leadership, members in crisis and women's heart health). Requests for Community Contributions must be received by the Foundation no later than 30 days in advance of the fundraising event and must be pre-approved.

Make sure to submit ALL check and money order donations with this cover sheet to properly credit your chapter for the money raised from your philanthropy event. 

Sample Chapter Event Donor Report
Report provided when you use the Wufoo form to process credit card gifts online.

MobilePay FAQ
A step by step guide on how to register and use your MobilePay card readers.

MobilePay Order Form
Order additional card readers for $30 each (plus shipping)