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Social Media -Tips & Tricks
We've compiled some quick tips and tricks for promoting your upcoming philanthropy event to engage your entire social media audience.

How to talk about Alpha Phi Foundation
Looking for a way to explain Alpha Phi Foundation's mission to your event attendees? This handy one-sheet has everything you need!

Official Red Dress Logo
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Tabling Materials
Looking for Foundation resources to share while tabling on campus? Or to hand out at your next philanthropy event? We've got two handy new one-sheets for you!



Sample Promotional Piece
Looking for new ideas for tabling and social media materials to promote your philanthropy event? Check out this great example from Theta Delta (Creighton)!
"Moments" Video
Our award-winning "Moments" video is the perfect way to show the amazing impact your chapter makes on women's heart health. This is a resource available for you to use during the Philanthropy Round of recruitment or at your philanthropy event.

Alpha Phi Foundation Social Media Policy