Alpha Phi Foundation


December 2014

Abra Said

My biggest motivation in giving back to Alpha Phi with both my time and treasure, is the example that was set for me by my advisors when I was a collegiate member. They embodied what it meant to live Alpha Phi for life.

Giving back to Alpha Phi Foundation as a Gold Society donor was an easy decision for me.  It's truly a gift and pleasure to be able to financially support an organization whose values match my own. Alpha Phi Foundation is raising the bar and setting the standard in leadership development and in so many other ways.  I owe so much of who I am personally and professionally to Alpha Phi and the leadership qualities they helped me discover within myself. Giving back in this way is just a small way I can say "thank you".  

I want Alpha Phi and Alpha Phi Foundation to be around for years to come, to continue educating our moms, aunts, sisters, and friends on the importance of taking care of your heart, and to continue investing in helping young women find their voice. There is no better way to ensure a sustainable future than to give back... knowing I am part of something making a real impact on the world is truly priceless.

Abra Said (Eta Gamma-Akron)
Gold Society donor

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