Alpha Phi Foundation


November 2015

Anneliese Segarra

This summer, I had the opportunity to represent the Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi in Indiana at the Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI).

ELI is a program designed to teach young women how to become effective leaders, and even more effective followers. During the week I lived and learned with 50 other young women from chapters across North America. It was an experience I will truly never forget. The amount of respect and camaraderie shared among complete strangers was inspiring, and this sense of family all came from the fact that we are inherently sisters, connected by experiences only had by Alpha Phis. In a week, we all tested ourselves from 40 feet in the air on ropes courses, through hours of intense classes - teaching us about powerful women and the important values that are the foundation upon which our organization was built. As sisters, we looked to each other for support and reassurance, as scholars we shared our opinions on various issues, such as the issues Panhellenic women face today and as strangers we spent time learning about one another, up until 3 in the morning. I will always cherish every second of every day spent with these women. After 5 full days together, I would say the biggest thing I experienced that I would want to bring back to my chapter is the intense love for Alpha Phi. If every girl who wears our letters learns and believes in the meaning of our rituals, symbols and values, we would all become better individuals. At ELI, I realized Alpha Phi is something that connects me to thousands of other influential women, and for that I am forever grateful.

Anneliese Segarra, 2014 (Iota Lambda-Connecticut)
Emerging Leaders Institute attendee

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