Alpha Phi Foundation


August 2016

Barbara Kenady Tingley

The Foundation gave me a scholarship at a time when I'm sure there were numerous other applicants. I was fortunate enough that they chose me that particular year.

It was a scholarship, yes, but more than that it was an entrance gift into an even bigger Alpha Phi experience than I ever expected as a collegian.

Through this experience I gained an understanding of so much more that Alpha Phi has to offer.

Now, I've come full circle and am able to give back to our sisterhood through donating and volunteering. I continue to make an automatic monthly gift that I set up years ago, and have named Alpha Phi Foundation in my trust. I've also had the opportunity to volunteer in a number of different roles for both the Foundation and Fraternity - from the local to international level.

Volunteering on an international level has given me an introduction to so many more women. I've learned that I can meet a woman that will become my Alpha Phi friend at any point in my life, and that friendship doesn't change as the years go on.

Barbara Kenady Tingley (Beta Pi-USC)
Alpha Phi Foundation donor
Scholarship recipient