Alpha Phi Foundation


July 2016

Carolyn Gore-Ashe

To me, the Foundation's mission of "advancing women's lives through the power of philanthropy," means that together, pooling our resources, we can continue to move our Fraternity, and all of our members, forward.

I've been a Foundation donor since the early '80s. I first learned about the 1872 Society while attending Convention 1988 in Chicago. I was a few years out of college at the time, writing my annual $25 checks to the Foundation. I made it a personal goal to become a member... someday. I did the math and figured out just how many years it was going to take me to reach $1,872 in lifetime giving.

A couple of years ago I adjusted my goal, aiming to join the 1872 Society before traveling to Convention 2016 in Cleveland. I reached my goal in March. Today, being a member of the 1872 Society means a lifetime commitment to Alpha Phi, developing women as leaders and furthering women's heart health.

Carolyn Gore-Ashe (Delta Alpha-East Carolina)
Alpha Phi Foundation donor