Alpha Phi Foundation


November 2015

Kelly Jay

Alpha Phi Foundation continues to remind me that the true ideals of womanhood are not found on a magazine stand or on a TV show.

The Foundation and the women who support it and support it are living, breathing examples of what women should strive to be. Alpha Phi Foundation finds ways to celebrate our traditions, while equally celebrating sisters who contribute to the world in ways our founders could have never imagined. Because of Foundation donors I have been able to pursue my academic goals and am currently pursing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. The scholarship that I received was a reminder that an institution that I admire believes in me. Because of Foundation donors, I not only had some of the financial burden lifted from my shoulders but I am constantly reminded that others are proud of the things that I accomplish. Alpha Phi has given me a new definition of the word love. Alpha Phi has taught me that love is affirming someone's worth through selfless sacrifice.

Kelly Jay (Epsilon Beta-Butler)
Scholarship recipient

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