Alpha Phi Foundation


July 2016

Lucy Benitez

By joining the Gold Society, I am able to monetarily give back to the Foundation that has given myself and countless other women the resources, professionalism, and courage to excel in any field we may step into.

As a Sophomore in Alpha Phi, I attended the Emerging Leaders Institute at Butler University. Through this experience, I not only found women who connected to my values and goals but also women who would come to be close friends and accountability partners.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the second Leadership Fellows program funded by Alpha Phi Foundation. I was unsure at the start how the program would compare to the Emerging Leaders Institute. I was amazed at the structure and ingenuity behind the design of the program.

Through Leadership Fellows, I was able to build a variety of professional skills. All of these skills were incredibly useful when applying for graduate school, interviewing, and creating top-notch resumes.

The impact these programs have had on myself and every woman I had the privilege to meet is astounding. In the Leadership Fellows program, I was able to see the incredible impact the program made when we returned together for Part Two in Cleveland, Ohio. Hearing what each woman had achieved and set forth to accomplish was amazing.

I attribute many of my successes to the Alpha Phi leadership programs and the Foundation for
creating these opportunities.

Lucy Benitez (Psi-South Dakota)
Emerging Leaders Institute & Leadership Fellows participant
Gold Society donor