Alpha Phi Foundation


November 2015

Meredith Varnell Leslie

Our bonds in Alpha Phi last a lifetime.

My sisters were there during my collegiate years, at the birth of my son and throughout my adulthood. It is amazing to see how the ivy twines around my sisters and me.

The Foundation also supports sisters throughout their lives. Whether it is sisters supporting us during late night study sessions during our collegiate years, using the skills we developed as chapter leaders during our first jobs, or benefitting from a Forget-Me-Not Grant during times of need, the Foundation is there for all of us.

Because of you I was able to complete a Master of Education twenty years after I completed my undergraduate education. I knew with my sisters supporting me I could achieve anything! Thank you to the sisters who came before me for giving their time, energy and donations to the Foundation. Because of that kindness, the Foundation is there for all who follow!

Meredith Varnell Leslie (Delta Chi-William Woods)
Scholarship recipient

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