Alpha Phi Foundation


November 2015

The Sisters of Phi (Oklahoma)

The Alpha Phi Foundation has supported not only Phi Chapter, but also our sisters during their college years and beyond.

The Foundation has shaped our members into women that excel in scholarship and leadership, while also allowing our chapter to raise awareness and funds for a cause very special to us: women's heart health. It is such a common, widespread killer. We have sisters in Phi Chapter that suffer from heart conditions themselves and being able to come face-to-face with a cause that is so predominant is something that makes our philanthropy so much more meaningful. Here at Phi Chapter, we are fully devoted to advancing the future of women's heart health

We also support the Foundation because it's one of the few that gives back to its own members and community. When hardship takes its toll, the Alpha Phi Foundation never hesitates to help a sister get back on her feet. We at Phi Chapter were able to witness this first hand, when the Moore tornadoes came through and affected many alumnae and collegians. Seeing the Foundation take action and help our sisters allows our chapter to give our unrelenting support so easily.

Because of the Foundation's support, we have been able to develop into stronger, sounder women, while knowing we have the support of our own sisters. At Phi Chapter, we are able to grow as a whole because of what the Foundation has done for us. From providing our members the means to attend to ELI, to offering the chapter tips and resources on scholarship and leadership, the Foundation has helped to lead our chapter to excellence.

The Sisters of Phi (Oklahoma)

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