Alpha Phi Foundation


November 2015

The Sisters of Theta Iota

Alpha Phi Foundation gives Theta Iota the opportunity to leave its mark on the world and in the JMU community at large.

Being able to advance the lives of others by raising funds to educate the population about healthy living and to support heart-healthy initiatives is a significant pillar of sisterhood. Our public motto, "union hand in hand" exemplifies the community of Alpha Phi, and at Theta Iota, it is humbling to see just how much influence one chapter can have in the lives of many.

Women's heart health matters greatly to our chapter because heart disease is the number one killer of women. Here at James Madison University, a portion of the money that the Theta Iota chapter raises goes toward a local hospital's cardiac and vascular unit. The Theta Iota chapter works closely with the local hospital to determine which projects will be funded. It is exciting to see the impact of the monetary funds on the lives of those in our local community. The chapter continually receives correspondence from former patients, family members, and physicians thanking the chapter for the medical equipment that was purchased as a direct result of the money the chapter was able to raise. This medical equipment has saved lives, and reminds the chapter why working hard to raise money for women's heart health is so important. The relationship that Theta Iota has with the local hospital proves that one chapter can make a difference in the lives of many. Hopefully, one day no lives will be lost to heart disease.

The Sisters of Theta Iota (James Madison)

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