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Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to: Undergraduate StudentsJane_Kinney.jpg
  • Noteworthy Information:  This scholarship is the highest honor an undergraduate applicant can receive.
Evajane "Jane" Sinclair Kinney was initiated by the Nu chapter at the University of Nebraska in 1933. Just before Jane was to be initiated into Alpha Phi, her grandmother passed away and Jane gave her last $300 to help with the burial. This left her with only 12 cents and she still had to pay her room and board for the semester as well as her initiation fee.

A woman from a local Alpha Phi Alumnae Association offered to pay the balance of Jane's room and board for the semester and her initiation fee as a no-interest loan so she could continue to live in the house, be initiated and complete her freshman year.

After she repaid the loan from the alumna, Jane worked her way through school and served Nu chapter as rush chairman and chapter president before transferring to the University of Southern California to complete her studies. She graduated in 1936 and went to work for Disney® for 16 years. It was there she met and married Jack Kinney, who was one of the first animators hired by Disney. Jack was most well known for directing Fantasia and developing the personality and character known as "Goofy."

Jane was an active volunteer in her community. She was a member of the American Association of University Women and volunteered at the local library and hospital. Despite her involvement with other organizations, Alpha Phi remained close to her heart, and she always wanted to repay her sisters for helping her when she needed it most.

Jane never forgot the alumna's generosity. She left her entire estate to the Alpha Phi Foundation when she passed away in May 2005. "Without [assistance] I might not have been able to pursue higher education and find my place in the world," Jane wrote in a 1998 note to the Foundation.