Alpha Phi Foundation



Kay Wainwright Nixon Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to: Either Graduate or Undergraduate Students
Kay Wainwright Nixon was initiated by the Phi chapter at the University of Oklahoma in September 1957.

Within Alpha Phi, Kay soon realized that young women become friends and sisters for life. She shared a room in the Alpha Phi house with Sandra Poindexter. The roomates also shared stories, laughter and moments that evolved into a lasting friendship. When Kay passed away in April 2005, at age 67, Sandra decided to honor their friendship and Kay's life by giving back to the sisterhood that started it all.

"Kay and I kept in very close contact after college - at least once a month over all those years," remembers Sandra. "Alpha Phi meant a lot to both of us. This was the most meaningful contribution I could think of to remember Kay. Every year someone new benefits; and I think she would have loved that," shares Sandra.

Kay's memory will live on through future recipients of the scholarship.