Meet the Board of Directors

Alpha Phi Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors, a group of hardworking, knowledgeable volunteers who guide us as we strive to fulfill the mission of Alpha Phi Foundation to the fullest.

Rebecca Andrew Zanatta

(Beta Rho-Washington State), Chair

I am inspired to give back to Alpha Phi as it has been one of the most pivotal experiences in my adult life. I believe in the power of philanthropy and giving back to those causes that have helped me become who I am. In the next biennium, it will be important to share the impact of the dollars raised through our Leading With Heart Campaign through stories of those benefiting from the Alpha Phi Foundation. We make a difference in women’s lives, all over, I am grateful to lead during a time when advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy is more important than ever.

Jenny Concepción Hansen

(Beta Pi-USC), Vice Chair

Joining Alpha Phi was life changing for me, and in return I support it by giving of my time and treasure. I hope I can inspire others to give back to ensure the strength of Alpha Phi so future members can have the same opportunity I did. As we close Leading with Heart, Alpha Phi Foundation’s historic fundraising campaign, I look forward to collaborating with the Fraternity to support its mission by funding programs that will add value to the membership experience.

Claire Costin

(Omega-Texas), Treasurer

I am inspired to give back to Alpha Phi to support and empower our collegiate women as they find and learn to use their voice. Alpha Phi has given so much to me, and I can’t imagine my life without volunteering. During this next term, I hope to continue the Foundation’s tradition of strong financial management and to support our efforts to build endowments for leadership, scholarship, and heart health initiatives. 

Coree Smith

(Epsilon Theta-Northern Iowa), Secretary

I’m inspired to give back by my first leadership opportunities, and many of my best friends, developed through my involvement in Alpha Phi. I want to give those same things (and more) to as many women as possible. I am most excited about wrapping up our record-setting capital campaign and spending time next biennium thinking about what’s next. How do we best deploy all of these fabulous new resources, and what do we envision the Foundation doing, caring about, and needing to support a decade from now?

Janis Coughlin-Piester

(Theta Kappa-Rochester), Director

Alpha Phi has been an important part of my life since joining as a collegian. In various volunteer roles, I have seen firsthand how Alpha Phi and the Foundation advance women’s lives – just as it has done for me. I love watching friendships form across chapters, spotting the “ah-ha” moments or when a member successfully applies her new skills in solving chapter problems. These same young women have gone on to become ELCs, volunteers, Foundation donors, have exciting careers and contribute to their communities – all the while leveraging the skills they developed through Alpha Phi.

The Foundation’s impact goes beyond leadership development. Over the last 13 years, I have worked alongside public health professionals and researchers and have seen the importance of investing in women’s heart health research and education. I have witnessed the support our sisterhood provides in times of crisis – made possible by the Forget-me-not Fund or by training members to practice watch care. I am inspired when I see the seed of philanthropy grow in our newest members or renewed in our donors.

Janelle Del Carlo

(Beta Delta-UCLA), Director

Alpha Phi has shaped the woman I have become. I am a better leader and friend because of Alpha Phi. The relationships I made in college have (really) lasted a lifetime — providing counsel, support and friendship. Spending my career in non-profit, I believe in the power of a single action to create a movement. I am humbled and proud to take action to ensure that future generations of Alpha Phis will benefit from our sisterhood. 

Susan McNeice

(Epsilon Nu-Delaware), Director

My Alpha Phi experience inspires me to contribute to the development of strong, self-assured collegiate women who pursue leadership opportunities throughout their lives. Having an endowment will allow the Foundation to continue to support the mission of Alpha Phi for decades to come, knowing we can weather any economic environment. I especially want to see us support collegiate leadership education and expand scholarship opportunities for women in all phases of their lives! 

Shana Goss Smith

(Chi-Montana), Director

I’m inspired to give back by the women that have come before me and those that have been my mentors since I began my volunteering back in the late 80’s. Alpha Phi has created life long friendships for me from college to now and I cherish all the memories I made and continue to make. Without volunteers we would not be the organization we are and it is very satisfying to give back and make a difference in a woman’s life. I look forward to our next Heart to Heart grant and hopefully increasing the size of it and the grants that we are able to give to the Fraternity.

Barbara Chappell Tingley

(Beta Pi-USC), Director

As a longtime Foundation Volunteer and a former scholarship recipient, my ties to the Foundation are strong. I am inspired by our efforts made to support up and coming leaders and our continual commitment to advancing women’s cardiac care. Now, I look forward to learning the operational aspects of the Foundation. I am knowledgeable on what we do: Fraternity grants, heart health grants, scholarships, and emergency aid to sisters in need. I want to learn how the Foundation executes all of this, how the committees work and how the Foundation interacts with the Fraternity.

Kate Boyle Halfon

(Eta Delta-CSU East Bay), Ex Officio & Alpha Phi Fraternity International President

Alpha Phi helped mold and shape me into the leader I am today. Most of my strategies for leadership I have learned through excellent training both as a collegiate and alumnae member and so that is why I continue to give back. I want other women to feel empowered and to be strong effective leaders in their communities. I am excited about all the opportunities we have to provide our members with a great experience with amazing programming. I hope that the strong partnership with the Foundation and Fraternity continues and that we can find new and creative ways we can collaborate together to benefit even more members.

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