Celebrating Our Past, Ensuring Our Future

Your investment in Leading With Heart inspires greatness in today’s Alpha Phis and empowers the next generation of women leaders and scholars. Thousands of Alpha Phis from coast to coast contributed to ensuring our promise of enriching leadership, impacting heart health, and increasing scholarship through an endowment that will benefit members now and always. Together, we can ensure Alpha Phi’s legacy reverberates through our members and our communities so they can lead with heart for years to come.

In June 2022, with sisters from across the country at Alpha Phi’s 73rd Biennial Convention, we celebrated a monumental $43 MILLION raised to endow the Alpha Phi experience!

To learn about the impact you’ve already made possible, click below to read the Leading With Heart Donor Impact Report.


Campaign Priorities

The Leading With Heart campaign is a pivotal moment for our beloved sisterhood and will endow the Alpha Phi membership experience, preserving the Alpha Phi legacy in three focus areas:

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    Enriching Women’s Leadership

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    Impacting Women’s Heart Health

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    Increasing Women’s Scholarship

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Invest In Innovative Programming to Develop Alpha Phi Women Into Leaders

Alpha Phi Fraternity and Alpha Phi Foundation share a commitment to developing members into the courageous and confident leaders and changemakers of today and tomorrow. Alpha Phi has transformed its approach to leadership programming, forging new partnerships with proven industry experts and emerging companies to deliver empowering, relevant programmatic experiences. By endowing leadership, we can invest in new and emerging opportunities to equip Alpha Phis with the skills and tools they need to establish their unique legacies as leaders.

Learn More About Leadership
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Fund Research & Promote Programs That Educate, Empower & Save Lives

Alpha Phi’s dedication to advancing women’s lives everywhere dates back to the selection of women’s heart health as our sisterhood’s philanthropic focus in 1946. Since its establishment in 1993, we have invested over $1.4 million through the Heart to Heart Grant, funding more than 30 cutting-edge research projects and education programs focused on women’s cardiac care. By endowing the Heart to Heart Grant, we can maintain our continued funding of this grant at the $100,000-level and help create a world where all women can lead longer, healthier lives.

Learn More About Heart Health
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Provide More Members The Opportunity to Expand Their Academic Pursuits and Dreams

Alpha Phi was founded to pave the way for women in higher education, providing sisters a support system through friendship, generosity, and an earnest drive for good scholarship. Today, our Alpha Phi scholars need our support now more than ever in today’s climate, where student borrowers hold an average of $37,693 in student debt. Through Leading With Heart, we have secured the support necessary to endow our Scholarship Program, lessening the burden of today’s educational costs so our sisters can seek higher, achieve more, and make a positive impact in their communities – thank you!

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Thank you to the following alumnae sisters for their leadership, service, and dedication to the Leading With Heart campaign. Through your guidance and support, we are well-positioned to ensure Alpha Phi’s legacy – thank you!

Campaign Steering Committee

  • Susan Weiskittle Barrick
    (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green)
  • Linda Gardner Massie
    (Delta Alpha-East Carolina)
  • Susan Bevan
  • Laura Keene Demmer
    (Beta Gamma-Colorado)
  • Jenny Concepción Hansen
    (Beta Pi-USC)
  • Susan McNeice
    (Epsilon Nu-Delaware)
  • Amy Peebles
  • Linda Schnetzer
    (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green)
  • Jackee M. Schools
    (Eta Lambda-George Mason)
  • Colleen Sirhal
  • Susan Brink Sherratt
    (Beta Beta-Michigan State)
  • Shana Goss Smith
  • Diane Spry Straker
    (Delta Alpha-East Carolina)
  • Sharyn Taylor
    (Theta Nu-Appalachian State)
  • Mary Beth Cooleen Tully
    (Epsilon Psi-Lehigh)
  • Crista Cate Vasina
    (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado)
  • Renee Smith Zimmerman Zainer
    (Beta Epsilon-Arizona)
  • Rebecca Andrew Zanatta
    (Beta Rho-Washington State)

Campaign Ambassadors

  • Audrey Bergeson
    (Beta Pi-USC)
  • Becky Brinson
    (Delta Epsilon-Iowa)
  • Terri Ostlund Brooks
    (Gamma Tau-Willamette)
  • Lora Tuly Brys
    (Theta Gamma-Truman State)
  • Janis Coughlin Piester
    (Theta Kappa-Rochester)
  • Kimberly Spadoni Criscuolo
    (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech)
  • Judy Ethell
    (Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois)
  • Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra
    (Delta Theta-Western Michigan)
  • Karen McChesney Howe
    (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin Stout)
  • Carolyn Venable Kahler
    (Delta Beta-Texas A&M Commerce)
  • Tricia Lee McNabb Lanzino
    (Beta Psi-San Jose State)
  • Emily Mordhorst
    (Theta Eta-Western University)
  • Jennifer Larson Ryback
  • Janet Brinker Schaeffer
    (Beta Omicron-Bowling Green)
  • Jenny Holsman Tetreault
    (Gamma Pi-Arizona State)
  • Peg DeChant Thornburg
    (Beta Omega-Kent State)
  • Barbara Chappell Tingley
    (Beta Pi-USC)
  • Theresa Rajczi Tosca
    (Theta Tau-Rensselaer)
  • Jennifer Allen Wassum
    (Zeta Iota-Virginia)
  • Lindsay Wiggins
    (Beta Pi-USC)
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