Meet the Foundation Staff

Meet the people behind the programs, scholarships, grants, and fundraising initiatives that continue to pursue the mission of Alpha Phi Foundation.

Amy Peebles

(Beta-Northwestern), Executive Director

I choose to lead with heart and give to the Foundation because it is an organization that supports leadership development for the next generation of women leaders. I am inspired and humbled by the leadership opportunities offered by the Fraternity and supported by the Foundation to ensure that Alpha Phi women continue to make their mark on the world.

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Linda Schnetzer

(Beta Omicron-Bowling Green), Senior Director of Development

In Alpha Phi, I have found true role models and friends. Since the beginning, our membership has been comprised of truly inspirational leaders whose bold ideas have impacted thousands of women and given them the space and support they need to fulfill their potential. Now, Leading With Heart gives us the opportunity to give to our beloved organization for the next 150 years.

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Sharyn Taylor

(Theta Nu-Appalachian State), Major Gifts Officer

I am proud to lead with heart because I truly would not be who I am today without Alpha Phi. Programs funded by Alpha Phi Foundation have allowed me to further develop leadership skills, give back to my community, and build relationships with strong women who have served as mentors, friends, and colleagues. I am inspired by the meaningful initiatives to which Alpha Phi Foundation contributes, and having experienced them first hand, I know what a lasting impact they will provide for generations to come.

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Mary Kegl


I am grateful to be a part of the Alpha Phi Foundation team. Working with people who support initiatives that further women’s heart health and leadership among the next generation is truly inspiring. It is fulfilling to be a part of changing lives for the better.

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Meghan Bradley

(Zeta Alpha-Eastern Illinois), Director of Operations & Events

The friendships I formed through Alpha Phi have shaped the person I am today, and I want other women to have the same rewarding experience. Serving as my chapter’s event chair, you could say Alpha Phi laid the groundwork for my career and still serves as my strongest network. I choose to lead with heart because women’s heart health education is something near and dear to me, and I am passionate about driving that research forward through the Foundation.

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Sydnee Miller

(Delta Epsilon – Iowa), Events & Projects Specialist

I’m truly honored to be able to give back to an organization that has given me so many opportunities. Alpha Phi Foundation’s commitment to advancing the lives of women inspires me to always lead with heart. I’m proud to support an organization that advocates for women’s heart health and supports the next generation of Alpha Phi leaders.

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Katie Gates

(Beta Upsilon - Oregon State), Marketing & Communications Manager

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Alpha Phi Foundation and have the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given me so much. I strongly support Alpha Phi’s commitment to building women of impact through its focus on leadership programming, strategic partnerships, and collegiate scholarships. As a mother of three wonderful daughters, I cannot imagine a more worthwhile pursuit than continuing to empower a new generation of confident women to wholeheartedly believe in themselves and their abilities.

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Alex Goodman

(Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority), Grants & Scholarships Manager

While creating awareness for women’s cardiac health, Alpha Phi Foundation fosters growth, sisterhood, and support among an incredible network of women. I am passionate about being part of this organization whose mission is to serve and empower women in order to further advance their lives in so many different ways. The Foundation is an amazing means to bettering the future of women everywhere, and I am proud to be leading with heart.

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Angela DiMuzio

(Iota Alpha-Pepperdine), Director of Development

From lifelong sisterhood to leadership opportunities (and more), it is my joy to serve and give back to the organization that gives us so much. Having been personally impacted by the loss of a loved one from heart disease, I choose to lead with heart and celebrate each day & milestone we reach. In our 150th year, I am proud to be an Alpha Phi, and support the Foundation’s commitment to improving heart health and the empowerment of future generations of leaders!

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Ashley Welch

(Theta Nu - Appalachian State University), Development Manager

In 2000, I joined Alpha Phi and my life changed forever. I love being apart of an organization that changes women’s lives and empowers them to succeed. My passion is to allow other women to experience what I have experienced through this wonderful organization. I choose to lead with heart because I believe in the advancement and development of women. I want to help women as they pursue their passion and make an impact on the world. I look forward to helping serve the foundation as we pursue initiatives that advance the lives of women.

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Sarah Rayman

(Epsilon Alpha-Ashland), Development Data Manager

I lead with heart because I believe in the power of philanthropy. The work of Alpha Phi Foundation empowers members, enriches the Alpha Phi experience, and influence research for women’s heart health. Alpha Phi Foundation has provided me with leadership and professional opportunities, lifelong connections, and the confidence to prosper.

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Abby Coogan

(Delta Eta- Adrian College), Chapter Engagement Manager

Alpha Phi has brought me my most cherished friends and role models. From the moment I joined I was drawn to the Fraternity’s commitment to scholarship and leadership opportunities for its members. My sisters continue to inspire me to pursue excellence in all aspects of my life. I am truly humbled to contribute to Alpha Phi Foundation’s legacy of empowering women to become leaders in their communities and careers. This opportunity serves a constant reminder to always lead with heart in everything that I do.

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