How do I log-in to the MobilePay app?

Chapters will need a username, password and device name to use the MobilePay card reader. On the inner lid of your MobilePay device box, there should be log-in information for your chapter. If you do not have it, contact

Each phone/tablet accepting donations through the MobilePay card reader needs a unique Device Name ( an identifier for the phone/tablet you are using to collect donations). Please include your chapter and the phone owner’s name when creating a Device Name.

For example, if Martha Foote Crow were to login to MobilePay, her Device Name would be Alpha-Martha. 

The Foundation staff must approve any new devices that login to the MobilePay app. If your Device Name does not include your chapter name, you will not be approved. Please login at least 48 hours to give the Foundation staff enough time to approve your login.

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