Chapter Spotlight – Iota (Wisconsin)

by Alpha Phi Foundation in Focus on Philanthropy
Iota Alphatraz

This week’s Chapter Spotlight is Iota (Wisconsin) who raised over $8,000 in bringing back their Alphatraz event! Vice President of Marketing Becky Goldberg gives us the scoop.

Name of Event: Alphatraz
Location: State Street Mall

How many times have you held this event?

Briefly describe the event:
We set up a large jail cell in central campus and arrested 25 prisoners from other Greek houses and athletic organizations. The prisoners each had an Alpha Phi as a “prison guard” to assist them in Min-it-to-win-it challenges. The bail price was set at $50 for each prisoner.

How did you publicize the event?
We spoke at other chapter meetings and advertised for weeks on Facebook. We changed our profile pictures, matched cover photos and had an event page to invite people and give updates. We also used Twitter during the event to give live updates.

What advice do you have for other chapters planning a similar event?
Make it big! Our jail cell was huge and the banner drew a lot of attention! Also, be sure to put everything in a central location on campus.

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