Insights from the EO: Event Wrap-Up

by Alpha Phi Foundation in Focus on Philanthropy

Every good event planner knows that an event really never comes to a close. Once the lights go down at the end of the night, the work is far from over, and the cycle starts back over for next year’s event. Here are a few things to keep in mind when wrapping up your Alpha Phi philanthropy event:

1. You worked hard for the money ????
… But we may never know that if you don’t turn your philanthropy money in to the Foundation. This is one of the most simple, yet easy to forget steps to your event wrap up process. Make sure you submit all check and money order donations using the Donation Submission Cover Sheet and all credit card gifts through this form.

2. Show your gratitude
One of the most significant steps in your event wrap up process should be your thank you notes. Snail mail rarely comes with good news anymore, so stand out among the bills and junk mail with a hand written thank you note to your donors! If you make them feel special now, they are sure to return to you next year.

3. Brag about your success
Your social media followers and event attendees want to know how well your event went – share that with them in a fun way as soon as you have your final tallies. Also, the Foundation wants to make sure we can recognize you for all that you did to make your event a success. Fill out the Philanthropy Event Summary Form within 30 days of your event for a chance to be spotlighted on this blog!

4. Reflect and revamp
Take time to sit down with all crucial members of your planning team to discuss what went well and where there are areas for improvement in your event. Be sure to analyze all aspects of your event and how you can grow next time around.

5. Onto the next
Be sure to clearly document how you planned and executed your event. Include invoices from vendors, fundraising letters/emails and all planning materials to make officer transition a breeze. Make sure the legacy you’ve started is carried on to the next person!

With all you do to plan the success of your event, make sure you have a successful event wrap up by following these easy steps.

Until next time!

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