Program-Inspired Wallpapers [FREE Download]

by Katie Gates in Media & Videos

At the end of a year, there is a lot of reflection and refocusing on what matters most to us and how we want to grow. We make goals, we make resolutions, and sometimes we need to refresh our digital wallpapers!

To help you hit refresh, our team created new phone and desktop wallpapers inspired by the very programs you make possible each and every year! Alpha Phi Foundation’s mission of advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy is put into action through our five vital programs — Leadership, Scholarship, Women’s Heart Health, Forget Me Not Grants, and Heritage.

Check out and download these FREE designs now:


Leadership Mobile Wallpaper

Leadership Desktop Wallpaper


Scholarship Mobile Wallpaper

Scholarship Desktop Wallpaper

Women’s Heart Health

Heart Health Mobile WallpapeR

Heart Health Desktop Wallpaper


Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not Mobile Wallpaper

Forget Me Not Desktop Wallpaper


Heritage Mobile Wallpaper

Heritage Desktop Wallpaper

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