Claire Costin: Creating Her Own Legacy

by Katie Gates in Press Release

How planning now can impact a sister in the future

“My giving philosophy is to find the most impactful giving opportunity in this stage of my life and career.”  Claire Costin (OmegaTexas)

Creating a legacy, making an impact, leaving the world in a better place – these values are at the core of philanthropy. Since March 2020, the world has faced significant challenges and we have all been pushed to slow down and reflect on our life’s purpose.

Philanthropic giving has provided many the opportunity to make an impact and a contribution to shaping the world.

Claire Costin (Omega—Texas), Treasurer of the Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors, Chapter Advisor (CA) for Tau Chapter at the University of Oregon, and a Collegiate Chapter Administrator, is one of those individuals whose outlook on life was influenced and her desire to leave a legacy deepened.

“I am in a unique position of being both a Foundation board member and a CA who works directly with collegiate women. I speak with the women that are impacted by the Foundation. This inspires me to do more.”

When thinking about her legacy, Claire took many factors into consideration. She is single, lives in Portland, has no children, and is a Professor of Accounting at the University of Portland. After a Foundation Board meeting focused on the Leading With Heart campaign, Claire returned home and decided the strongest impact she can make is through a planned gift, specifically through life insurance.

Life Insurance as a Planned Gift

Claire has made Alpha Phi Foundation the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

As treasurer of the Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors, Claire intimately knows the difference a decision made in the past, such as naming Alpha Phi Foundation a beneficiary of a will, trust, or life insurance policy, can make on the present day.

“Making a planned gift would not have occurred to me, but the last couple of years have made many of us stop and think about our legacy. I have become more aware of my mortality. I really want to make sure I make a lasting impact on the causes that are important to me.”

“We have an opportunity, even if it is small, even if my planned gift is small, it is impactful and meaningful and a way to be a part of something. What you can do in the future is just as impactful.”

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