Leadership Program Spotlight Series

by Courtney Chaffin in Impact, Wellness

Enriching leadership opportunities are a cornerstone of the Alpha Phi experience, helping sisters thrive at every stage of life!

Alpha Phi Foundation is committed to supporting leadership programs and trainings that foster the growth, education, health, and well-being of Alpha Phis everywhere.
During the 2022-2023 giving year, Alpha Phi Foundation invested over $1.4 million in Alpha Phi Fraternity leadership programming, including the Alpha Phi Leadership Institute with Disney Institute, Alpha Phi ELCs, StrongU, Behind Happy Faces, League of Coaches, Sexual Violence Education, and more! Throughout the summer, we have been highlighting some of these incredible programs in our Alpha Phi Program Spotlight Series!

LEARN Alpha Phi

LEARN Alpha Phi is a web-based learning platform where members can expand their skills and knowledge. It features a growing and evolving catalog of coursework that caters to all levels of membership including new members, collegiate members, officers and volunteers. A variety of coursework, resources and guides that can be utilized for day-to-day chapter management or step-by-step assistance with processes, procedures, roles and transitions are on this platform.

League of Coaches

Alpha Phi’s League of Coaches is comprised of a diverse group of alumnae volunteers and industry experts who share their time, talent and treasure to advancing the Fraternity through harm reduction programming. The League of Coaches is integral to the delivery of programs like The Buzz, which focuses on safe choices regarding alcohol, and StepUp!, which provides members tangible ways to intervene in situations relevant to today’s chapter experience.


Learn the skills to help you THRIVE not just SURVIVE in college through this mental health and wellbeing program specifically created for Gen Z sorority women. Deeply committed to supporting the wellbeing of our members, Alpha Phi recognizes the need to provide the resources to support members as they navigate the stressors of college. As a result of participating in the StrongU Program, Alpha Phis will be better equipped to navigate the stressors of college life and beyond by building resilience skills and developing healthy habits.

ELC & LPC Program

Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs) and Leadership Programing Consultants (LPCs) assist the Fraternity in supporting established and new chapters across North America. The first program of its kind amongst fraternal organizations, Alpha Phi’s ELC & LPC Program has set the gold standard for empowering collegiate leadership while also developing consultants into professional leaders!

Leadership Hand in Hand

Leadership Hand in Hand provides Alpha Phi leaders an opportunity to explore their leadership abilities in a space dedicated specifically for them! This impactful program provides education to Alpha Phis directly through a variety of formats, ranging from podcasts to interactive live sessions. Participants will learn how to build genuine and intentional relationships, advocate for themselves and develop authentic and passionate leadership skills within Alpha Phi and beyond.

Sexual Violence Prevention 

Developed specifically for gen Z sorority and fraternity members, Sexual Violence Prevention is a two-part self-paced online program. Utilizing real-life examples and interactive scenarios, members learn the fundamentals of defining and preventing sexual assault. Accessed through LEARN Alpha Phi, Sexual Violence Prevention is designed for Alpha Phi’s newest members to complete during their first weeks of membership, but available to all collegiate members and volunteers.

Behind Happy Faces

Behind Happy Faces opens the door for members and advisors to have authentic conversations about mental health. This program can be accessed in LEARN Alpha Phi and features collaborative group work and interactive lessons about mental health. These lessons allow participants to explore concepts of stress, procrastination and the neuroscience of happiness. Advisors can also participate in a series of online workshops that provide the necessary tools to effectively address the mental health challenges

The Buzz

The Buzz is a one-of-a-kind, interactive program educates collegiate members through activities, conversation and games on how to make safe choices regarding alcohol use. The 90-minute program involves unfiltered and authentic conversations about alcohol consumption to give participants a realistic understanding of student consumption of alcohol, how to recognize their personal “sweet spot” and skills to educate and share these lessons learned with others.

Alpha Phi Leadership Institute 

In collaboration with the Disney Institute, the Alpha Phi Leadership Institute is an immersive 3-day leadership development experience that gives our members the tools and skills to lead with purpose. Participants will identify personal and organization values that drive them to be a better leader while sharing compelling visions for the future of their chapters and campuses. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the role of a leader by utilizing values to infuse a culture in building teams of support.

Thank you to our incredible Alpha Phi Foundation donors who make these leadership programs possible!

These impactful programs can continue to expand with your gift on Leadership Day of Giving! #LeadWithAlphaPhi on September 27th to support Alpha Phi’s commitment to fostering a rewarding lifelong Alpha Phi experience for collegiate and alumnae members!

Are you interested in supporting Alpha Phi Leadership programming? Consider making a gift today!

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