10 Years of Funding HazingPrevention.org Sponsorships

by Alpha Phi Foundation in Impact

2020 marks a special milestone in the movement to prevent and raise awareness of hazing—10 years of Alpha Phi’s sponsorship of HazingPrevention.org

Since 2009, Alpha Phi Foundation has provided an annual grant to fund Alpha Phi’s HazingPrevention.org sponsorship. Our Fraternity’s continued support demonstrates a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its members and its strict no-tolerance policy for hazing.

As a part of the Live Courageously Series, Alpha Phi’s sponsorship provides foundational education for its members on best practices of hazing prevention and teaches them how to recognize, prevent, and report hazing. As a sponsor, Alpha Phi gains access to educational materials and tools that are key in empowering its collegiate members to promote hazing prevention in their chapters and on their campuses.

Through anti-hazing course completion surveys, participants expressed an increased awareness and knowledge of hazing prevention, increased inclination to report a hazing incident, and the confidence to stand up for hazing prevention.

In recent years, Greek life has witnessed many tragic hazing incidents and deaths. Last year, Alpha Phi, again, joined over 35 other Greek-letter organizations in supporting HazingPrevention.org’s mission to empower people to prevent hazing.

With the generosity of our donors and Alpha Phi Fraternity’s commitment to offering a premier membership experience, Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to continue its support for Alpha Phi’s leadership programs, like those of the Live Courageously Series.

About HazingPrevention.org

HazingPrevention.org is a national nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to empowering individuals to prevent hazing in college and university student groups. Major initiatives of the organization include National Hazing Prevention Week™, HazingPrevention.Org Institute, and Academy™ and Prevent.Zone™ educational online courses that touch the lives of thousands of individuals, organizations, campuses, and communities.

Leadership Program

Through the generosity of donors, Alpha Phi Foundation invested over $1.2M in Alpha Phi Fraternity leadership grants in the 2019-2020 fiscal year, including the Educational Leadership Consultant Program, leadership institutes, The Buzz, Capitol Hill visits, Step UP!, and more. Alpha Phi is committed to creating experiences and training that support its members’ growth, education, health, and wellbeing.⁣⁣⁣ Learn more about the Leadership Program.

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