Alpha Phi Foundation Awards a Historic $277,000+ in Scholarships

by Alpha Phi Foundation in Impact

Academic excellence is hallmark of Alpha Phi.  This year, through the generosity of our donors, Alpha Phi Foundation awarded a historic $277,000+ in scholarships given to 22 graduate and 46 undergraduate members.  These sisters exemplify academic excellence, outstanding service and dedicated involvement on their campuses and in their communities.

The Foundation is proud to continue recognizing the remarkable accomplishments of Alpha Phi women by awarding merit-based and need-based scholarships to help them fulfill their promise and potential because every Alpha Phi deserves the opportunity to pursue her intellectual curiosity without burden.

Kay Wainwright Nixon Memorial Scholarship

Allison Antoine
Delta Kappa—Wisconsin-Lacrosse
Master in Public Health

“Receiving this scholarship reminds me that I have the continued support of our Alpha Phi sisterhood as I continue my education as a graduate student. I am grateful for all Alpha Phi has brought to my life!”

Canadian Centennial Scholarship

Bailey Bernknopf
Iota Theta-Wilfrid Laurier
Master of Applied Science/Biomedical Engineering

“I am honored to be a scholarship recipient this year. This scholarship will help fund the completion of my thesis project, which focuses on the sex differences in aortic valve disease. This project is especially meaningful to me because I am predisposed to develop aortic valve disease in the future. It is humbling and uplifting to know that the Alpha Phi Foundation believes in me, my academics, and my thesis project.”

John R. and Cecile D. Richards Scholarship

Rebecca Bishop
Delta Beta-Texas A&M Commerce
PhD in Counseling

“This scholarship means the world to me as it demonstrates how Alpha Phi is not just for four years, but for life. This fraternity supports me in all of my endeavors, and by relieving some of the financial burden of pursuing a graduate degree, Alpha Phi is helping me to chase my biggest dreams.”

Linda Trinh Memorial Scholarship

Katie Clark
Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins

“I am so incredibly thankful for the support that the Alpha Phi Scholarship has given me by making it financially possible for me to continue my dream of becoming a physician.”

Craig Hester/Hester Capital Management LLC Scholarship

Katharine Denius
Epsilon Delta-Northern Illinois

“The scholarship from the Alpha Phi Foundation will help me pay for my first year of Optometry school and get me started on a life-long learning journey. “

Eloise Howell Scholarship

Lindsay Epstein
Zeta Phi-MIT
Master of Science/Mechanical Engineering

“This scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my education at the graduate level with a reduced financial burden. With Alpha Phi’s support, I will be completing my Master’s at MIT where I will be working towards developing improved force sensors for use in robotics, sports, and health care.”

Diane Keenum Hite Memorial Scholarship

Becca Ferguson
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“This scholarship will allow me, in my third year of physical therapy school, to focus on developing my skills during my clinical experiences.”

Nancy Pitchforth Patton Scholarship

Meg Free
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

“This scholarship will help me pay for medical school and become a physician. I hope to work in sports medicine, obstetrics or emergency medicine.”

Mary Yearsley Scholarship

Sarah M. Gross
Beta Alpha-Illinois
Master in Education

“The scholarship so generously provided to me by Alpha Phi will help me be able to keep pursing my goals to be a college advisor by acquiring my masters degree in counseling. I hope to someday be able to give back to Alpha Phi so that they may continue to help my fellow sisters achieve their academic goals!”

Marilyn Bracken Ruckman Scholarship

Madeleine Harbin
Beta Mu-Alabama
Occupational Therapy

“My goal as a clinician is to be better able to individualize effective treatments which promote the quality of life for patients of all ages, disabilities, injuries, and illnesses. This scholarship enables me to utilize the intellectual assets of a graduate program to further enhance the health and well-being of individuals who face daily living challenges that seem insurmountable.”

Margaret Garth Steinert Greene Scholarship

Josmi Joseph
Gamma Omicron-Drake

“It is an honor to receive the Margaret Garth Steinert Greene Scholarship as it brings me one step closer to my dream of becoming an ambulatory care pharmacist, where I can be an informative resource for families to turn to and to find comfort with a new and seemingly scary diagnosis.”

Kristy Burgener Memorial Scholarship

Katherine Kotche 
Beta Alpha-Illinois

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

“My goal is to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Northwestern University. This scholarship will help reduce the financial stress and allow me to focus on my studies more. “

Helen Bradford Graduate Scholarship

Alyyah Malick
Iota Tau-Harvard


“I am very grateful to receive the Helen Bradford Scholarship! This scholarship will help me attend medical school at Columbia where I plan to work towards understanding and eliminating health disparities.”

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship

Natasha Martinez


“This scholarship is helping me fight for what is right with the values I have grown in Alpha Phi, by pursuing my Juris Doctorate. Continuing further education is my pathway to creating new opportunities, fighting for justice, and speaking for the underrepresented.”

Lucy Hart Finnerty Phi Chapter Centennial Scholarship

Reagan Metz
Phi- Oklahoma


“This scholarship will help me pursue my legal education, so that I can become an advocate for the underrepresented.”

Doris Corbett Scholarship

Mandy Salmon
Iota Mu-Georgia Tech


“This scholarship will help me concentrate on my studies and not worry as much about financial concerns as I begin my studies to become a doctor. The Alpha Phi Foundation inspires me to perform at my best and gives me the opportunity to focus on learning and professional growth. “

Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship

Molly Circle Sawyer
Delta Rho-Ball State

Master in Educational Leadership

“The scholarship provided by the Alpha Phi Foundation will help me complete my PhD next year. I hope that being a student and a mother to a busy family of eight will inspire the next generation of Alpha Phi leaders to set their sights high!”

Octavia Born Brooks Scholarship

Ellie Sheffield

Master in School Counseling

“I am very grateful to have received a graduate scholarship through the Alpha Phi Foundation, as this scholarship with help to finance my endeavors to impact the lives of students through becoming a School Counselor.”

Marlyn G. Frazier Scholarship

Paige Smith
Gamma Beta-UC Santa Barbara

Master in Education

“This scholarship is making it possible for me to gain my Masters in Education and fulfill my dream in becoming a school teacher and educating our future youth!”

Mary Miller Lyons Scholarship

Madisen Swallow

Master of Science of Education

“For the next two years I will be working as a Middle School Science Teacher in New Haven as a Teach for America Corps Member, an Americorps organization devoted to educational equity. While teaching, I will be completing a Masters of Science in Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins and this scholarship will ensure I can focus on learning and creating the best environment for my students to thrive. “

Frances Cameron Wiig Scholarship

Amanda Tjitro
Kappa Beta-UC San Diego

“Alpha Phi has provided me with not only support through lifetime friendships but also a graduate scholarship which will help me in pursuing my M.D. degree. I am able to focus on becoming a practicing physician who will work within pediatrics to reduce barriers in access to quality healthcare for my future patients, without focusing too much on financial burdens.”

Constance Purkiss Kelly Scholarship

Isabella Francisca Uría


“This scholarship from Alpha Phi facilitates my pursuit of a career in international dispute resolution as an attorney in both the private and public sectors. The legal field suffers from a severe lack of representation of women and, particularly, of women of color, and this scholarship helps to provide me a platform from which to work to change that.”

Beta Beta Chapter Scholarship

Alyssa Abdelnour
Beta Beta-Michigan State

“This scholarship will help me pursue my goals of medical school. I am so grateful for this opportunity to reach even further in my endeavors.”

Lambda 100th Year Anniversary Scholarship

Vivienne Ayala
Lambda-UC Berkeley

“This scholarship allows me to take full advantage of my time in college and pursue the academic opportunities I’m passionate about. I’ll have the flexibility to take all the classes I need to fulfill my two minors, demography and public policy.”

Madge H. Lesher Memorial Scholarship

Torrina Brice-Nash
Beta Epsilon-Arizona
Law, Psychology, and Political Science

“Growing up with two autistic brothers, I have held an unwavering passion to help the under-served and underrepresented. This desire is a primary reason for choosing law, psychology and political science coupled with activities and responsibilities at Alpha Phi. This scholarship is helping me to make a difference, change lives, build community with passion as a woman, but most importantly, as a woman and representative of Alpha Phi.”

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Siena Catanzaro
Epsilon Kappa-West Chester

“The Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship will fully pay for my last year of college, helping me to focus on my academics and not on the stressful student loans. I will be graduating in May of 2019 with a Bachelors of Science in Education – English; therefore, I will be using the achievement of winning this scholarship as a model to teach my students about how a strong work ethic and passion can lead to success.”

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Kathryn Cesiel
Iota Epsilon-Kettering
Mechanical Engineering

“Such a significant donation will help immensely in paying for this private institution. With this help, other doors and successes will be opened in the future! “

Beta Omicron Anniversary Scholarship

Natalie Clark
Beta Omicron-Bowling Green
Business Administration

“The Alpha Phi Foundation providing me with this scholarship helps to show that my dedication to both my schoolwork and Alpha Phi in conjunction has paid off to help me excel in my future. Because of this scholarship, I will have more time during my senior year to focus on building my resume and experiences without having to worry as much about the financing behind all of it.”

Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra Scholarship

Tiara Coughlan
Gamma Kappa-CSU Long Beach
Interior Design

“This scholarship will assist me in my education by making it possible to attend this school as an out-of-state student learning the art of design. It will help me to be able to use my creative skills and create objects and designs that will be both physically appealing and practical.”

Vicki Silverman Memorial Scholarship

Lauren Dillon
Gamma Pi-Arizona State
Biological Sciences

“I am so thankful to have been awarded the Vicki Silverman Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will provide me financial relief and the opportunity to focus on my academics.”

Foundation Scholarship

Gwyn Dubel
Delta Upsilon-Baldwin Wallace
3-2 Program: MBA, Human Resources; BA, Management & Marketing

“The Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship is very important to myself and others like me, because it provides me the opportunity to continue my education with more ease, helping me to build a successful career in Human Resources. My chapter has given me a sisterhood that has helped me develop into a strong leader and the financial support of this scholarship has continued to motivate me toward achieving my goals.”

Linda Gardner Massie Scholarship

Emily Emerson
Eta Omicron-Virginia Tech
Biological Sciences

“This scholarship will allow me to continue working toward my undergraduate degree in Biology, as well as help me to achieve my dreams of attending medical school and becoming a physician.”

Virginia Coleman Scholarship

Allana Evans
Iota Sigma-Carnegie Melon
Computer Science

“With this scholarship, I will have the opportunity to gain skills that will enable me not only to advance technology but also to advance the notion of technology as a service to society.”

Alison Beth Drucker Memorial Scholarship

Melanie Farfel
Beta Nu-Duke

“This scholarship will support my studies in Economics and Computer Science at Duke and help me to pursue my passion for social entrepreneurship in the future.”

Sally Hepler Memorial Scholarship

Paige Frank
Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins
Biomedical Engineering

“I am so proud to be a member of the Alpha Phi community. This scholarship will enable me to dedicate my time at school to pursuing design projects and research that will bring me closer to my goal of positively impacting the medical community.”

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Ally Hardebeck
Zeta Omicron-Johns Hopkins
Public Health and Sociology

“This opportunity will allow me to complete an intensive semester of social policy courses. Since one of the requirements of the program is to complete an unpaid fellowship at a DC think tank, support from the Alpha Phi Foundation ensures that I will gain vital professional experience while minimizing the financial burden.”

Delta Xi – Amber Weitzel Memorial Scholarship

Marlana Kent
Delta Xi-Nebraska/Kearney
Early Childhood Inclusive Education

“This scholarship will support me in my journey to become a teacher. With this aid from the Alpha Phi Foundation, I plan to acquire a master’s degree in teaching and become a lifelong learner with my students.”

Clara Bradley Burdette Founders’ Scholarship

Eleni Kohilakis
Biological Sciences

“This scholarship will allow me to continue to pursue my biological sciences degree and will aid in my ultimate goal of becoming a physician. I am humbled by the Alpha Phi Foundation’s support in me and their belief in my future.”

Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship

Hannah Kraling

“The Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship will assist me in continuing my education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in the School of Nursing. I intend to express the amount of gratitude I have for this honor by showcasing the core values of Alpha Phi in my academic pursuit.”

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship

Jane Lickteig
Gamma Xi-Wichita State

“The Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship will assist me in accomplishing my academic goal of obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Wichita State University. This scholarship will ultimately help me acquire the necessary skills to care for others as a future Registered Nurse.”

Ruth Allingham Soriano Scholarship

Chloe Lium
Business Administration

“As a third-year business student at the University of Washington, upcoming applications for internships didn’t seem like an option for me as a student that works full-time to support myself. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to be able to afford branching out to internships, job-shadows, seminars, etc. and gain real world experience/exploration alongside my academic endeavors.”

Jennifer Lynne Brooks Memorial Scholarship

Emily Lowe
Beta Pi-USC
Business Administration

“The Jennifer Lynne Brooks Memorial Scholarship will help me complete my degree in Business Administration with emphases in Finance and Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. This award will allow me to have time to give back to the community while completing my degree, by teaching elementary and middle school children how to start their own businesses.”

Carol Klink Claussen Scholarship

Olya Lukashina
Epsilon Rho-UC Davis

“The Alpha Phi Scholarship will help me pay for my tuition and other educational expenses. I am incredibly thankful for this support and am inspired to give back to Alpha Phi in order to help the next generation of collegiate women.”

Darcel Atwill Weller Scholarship

Alyssa Mendoza
Gamma Iota-Texas Tech

“Because of the kindness and generosity of the Alpha Phi Foundation, I will be able to further focus on my academics rather than be distracted by financial worries. In addition, this scholarship motivates me to continue to work with heartfelt dedication as I pursue a career as a pre-physician’s assistant student.”

Mabel Cowlishaw Siggins Scholarship

Muna Momah
Iota Kappa-Dartmouth

“In the short term, I plan to complete my Bachelors of Arts in Economics at Dartmouth College, focusing on Macroeconomics and Development. I aspire to attend graduate school in business and law and hope to make significant professional impact in the economic and legal fields.”

Marlyn G. Frazier Scholarship & Sharon Petzold Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Morrison
Gamma Beta-UC Santa Barbara

“This scholarship will help me so much in my future academic endeavors as I am currently pursuing a double-major in Communication and Environmental Studies. I hope to use the knowledge I gain through my studies to help make the world a better place, and I am so thankful for support in that goal.”

Beta Beta Class of  ’63 40th Anniversary Scholarship

Wynter Mortz
Beta Beta-Michigan State

“By receiving this generous scholarship, I hope to continue to pursue a degree in finance and in the long run attend law school.”

Margaret Beery Doe Scholarship

Jayda Nalamlieng
Beta Delta-UCLA

“Over the remaining time I have left at UCLA, I plan to continue to take advantage of the networking access I have amongst my peers, sorority sisters, and professors. In doing so, I hope to achieve my short-term goal as an intern in marketing and PR for fashion magazines, and eventually give myself the platform to start my own fashion brand whose proceeds will provide services for single mothers and children in need.”

Sally McCall Grant Scholarship

Nicolette Naya
Iota Lambda-Connecticut

“The Sally McCall Grant Scholarship will support me in continuing my course of study as a chemistry major at the University of Connecticut. I am grateful for the assistance as I expect to continue my studies in graduate school or dental school.”

John and Sharon Spraker Barnes Scholarship

Nicole Nielsen
Broadcast Journalism

“I am honored to have received a scholarship from the Alpha Phi Foundation, through the generosity of John and Sharon Spraker Barnes.
This scholarship will contribute to my academic success at the University of Oklahoma, and my dreams of working in television news.”

Abby Dorsa Sobrato Memorial Scholarship

Laura Pearl
Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara

“Alpha Phi has provided eternal friends to me and now, through the Alpha Phi Foundation, I have been provided as well the opportunity to pursue bachelors degrees in both Finance and Economics. This honor will enable me to continue to learn so that I can one day be a force of positive change in the world.”

Edwynne C. Rosenbaum Scholarship

Lilli Peters
Iota Zeta-Colorado School of Mines
Mechanical Engineering

“With the generosity of The Alpha Phi Foundation and the Board of Directors, I have the opportunity to focus my college career on my academics and assist in fostering and improving sisterhood in the Iota Zeta chapter. This gift has taken a large financial burden off of my shoulders allowing me to spend time assisting in projects in which I can be useful, rather than focusing on work and supporting myself.”

Foundation Scholarship

Enya Pfeiffer
Zeta Iota-Virginia

“I hope to inspire empathy by working as a therapist for refugees who have endured trauma. Receiving this scholarship is an enormous blessing, and it brings me one step closer to providing hope to those who feel broken.”

Maxine English Memorial Scholarship

Gia Poppell
Beta Epsilon-Arizona
Exploratory Major

“I am honored and grateful to receive the generous Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship. The financial support will allow me to focus on my studies in the Business school and pursue a fulfilling education.”

Foundation Scholarship

Ankita Reddy
Zeta Phi-MIT
Biology and Anthropology

“This scholarship will help me on my path to becoming a physician-anthropologist as I complete my last year at MIT, focusing on biology and anthropology.”

Nu Centennial Scholarship

Hayden Nicole Richardson
International Business and Political Science

“I will now be able to continue with my education with a significant amount less debt and am so thrilled for this amazing opportunity!”

Rachel G. Smylie Theta Chapter Scholarship

Ellie Rocheleau
Exploratory Major

“I look forward to this scholarship relieving my stress in the cost of my education and instead allowing me to focus on my studies. I am currently pursuing Industrial and Operations Engineering in order to utilize my passion for mathematics to help create efficient environments.”

Beta Delta Scholarship

Riley Rojas
Beta Delta-UCLA
Political Science

“This scholarship will allow me to pursue my dream of attending law school and will give me the ability to create connections to help further my career. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary group of young women to help guide me through my plans of being a lawyer.”

Maj Britt Kaal – Ζeta Upsilon 20th Anniversary Scholarship

Gabriella Ruskay-Kidd
Zeta Upsilon-Washington University
Psychology and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

“This scholarship will allow me to delve more deeply into my academics and allow me to learn more about the subjects I care about. I will be able to use this scholarship to support my research in the fields of psychology and women, gender, and sexuality studies . In lightening my financial burden, I will be able to focus on the most important aspect of school, learning.”

Gamma Nu 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Sarina Sangal
Gamma Nu-Miami University
Economics and Finance

“The Gamma Nu 50th Anniversary scholarship will aid the financial burden of studying abroad, effectively allowing me to complete my history minor while affording me an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Joan Merritt Holmes Scholarship

Krijn Schwartz
Beta Tau-Indiana

“The Joan Merritt Holmes Scholarship will allow me to concentrate and achieve my goals, which include obtaining a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and attending law school thereafter.”

Sally Mitchell Milam Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Kate Scribner

“The Sally Mitchell Milam Memorial Scholarship will enable me to pursue my dream of honing my writing and speaking abilities through journalism courses that will shape me into a skillful journalist who can share powerful stories, be a voice for the voiceless, and make a positive impact on the world.”

Courtney Andreas-Gray Scholarship

Hana Seastedt
Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara
Public Health

“This scholarship will help me achieve my goal of becoming a doctor and working in the field of public health. It will help me get the opportunity to give back to the world in a way that I could have never imagined possible.”

Foundation Scholarship

Katie Seavy Walker
Iota Xi-Denver

International Studies

“The Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship Program is helping me to push myself further and take more risks as I pursue my education. I am very lucky to be where I am, surrounded by such great people.”

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Kassie St. Pierre
Delta Tau-LSU

Elementary Education

“As a future educator who will be student teaching this upcoming school year, this scholarship will allow me to fully focus on my academics and relieve me of financial stress due to not being able to work during the student teaching period. It will also provide tremendous aid in helping me to obtain my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Administration.”

Irving H. & Marion L. Frank Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Tong
Human Physiology

“This scholarship will help my dream of going to graduate school to become a Physician Assistant a reality.”

Foundation Scholarship

Julia Wilcox
Iota Xi-Denver
Accounting and Spanish

“This Alpha Phi scholarship will will allow me to pursue both my long and short-term academic goals as well as contribute to the Alpha Phi Fraternity.”

Anne Williams Muhl Scholarship

Vicki Workman
Architectural Science

“This scholarship will be able to ensure my academic success by providing a sense of stability while I devote my time to excelling in my coursework and pursuing my dream of becoming an architect.”

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