Investing in Alpha Phis’ Academic Pursuits & Beyond Through Scholarship

by Alex Goodman in Impact

Ensuring the future of tomorrow’s Alpha Phis by investing in the academic ambitions of Alpha Phi’s today

Alpha Phi Foundation has invested in enhancing the lives of our sisters through academic scholarships since 1959. Whether an undergraduate embarking on the start of their collegiate journey or an alumna furthering their career, we are proud to award our sisters the opportunity to advance their education.

Pictured: Samantha Bliss Mullin (far left) with Alpha Phi sisters

The cost of higher education is often a barrier that many students struggle to navigate. Through merit and need-based awards, recipients of Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships are given a chance to focus on their studies with a lessened burden of today’s increasing educational costs. Samantha Bliss Mullin (Theta Tau–Rensselaer) shared that although she “knew it was a good decision to get a graduate degree, the reality of the cost of education was pretty daunting.” Now able to focus on her graduate research and worry less about her financial obligations with the help of a Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship in 2017, Samantha went on to finish graduate degree on an accelerated track.

“Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships are a tangible example of how the Alpha Phi experience is a lifelong investment”. – Samantha Bliss Mullin (Theta Tau–Rensselaer)

Pictured: Barbara Bedwell

With an alleviated financial burden, Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships have also granted Alpha Phis the freedom to pursue ambitious academic goals. Two-time recipient Barbara Volk Bedwell (Upsilon–Washburn) earned a scholarship towards both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, with the Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship. She was able to pursue additional experiences and leadership opportunities throughout her education because of the financial support she received. Most of all, Barbara says that “these additional experiences contributed to shaping [her] into the best version of [herself]”. Today, Barbara pays it forward to future scholarship recipients by serving as a volunteer scholarship reader, getting to see firsthand how her sisters from far and wide are following their academic dreams.

As collegians, Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships push recipients to achieve their goals and as alumnae, these same scholarships contribute to furthering their individual growth and long-term success. Without our donors’ passion for scholarship, the impact made in transforming Alpha Phi’s members academic dreams into reality for the past 62 years would not be possible. Through this commitment to furthering our sisters’ scholarly pursuits, investments made in the academic endeavors of Alpha Phis now will ensure the future of Alpha Phis to come.

Scholarship Program

Alpha Phi Foundation is committed to supporting our members’ educational experiences through merit and need-based scholarships. For the 2021-2022 academic year, we awarded a record-breaking $466,800 to aid 76 of our undergraduate and graduate sisters in their schooling. The 2022-2023 scholarship application opens on December 1, 2021. Learn more about Alpha Phi Foundation’s Scholarship Program.

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