Motivating the Members of the Gamma Phi Chapter

by Katie Gates in Impact

2021 Susan Brink Sherratt Award Recipient uses grant to inspire chapter to change the world

College is a crucial time for young leaders, especially women leaders, to learn more about and act on their potential to make change. Through the support of the Susan Brink Sherratt Leadership Grant, leaders in the Gamma Phi (Florida State) chapter saw an opportunity to continually develop the potential of their sisters, using their grant to connect with motivational speaker and sorority woman, Katie Bulmer.

Pictured: Members of the Gamma Phi chapter during the event

Held this past fall, the chapter invited Katie to help members realize the power they have as both individuals and as a collective to positively lead and influence those around them. “Katie spoke about how we have such a large platform as sorority women [and] that we can use that platform in so many helpful ways,” says Camryn Dewitt (Gamma Phi—Florida State), Gamma Phi’s outgoing Vice President of New Member Education and Programming. “[She] educated us on the greater good and work we can do with our platform…[outside of] the fun and social [aspects] that come with sorority life.”

Using her experience as a former collegian and Panhellenic collegiate chapter advisor, Bulmer also empowered each member to recognize their worth and value. “Katie provided us with influential advice about how we can always push ourselves to be the best we can be and to never settle for less than we deserve,” reflects DeWitt.

Pictured (from left to right): Camryn DeWitt, Katie Blumer, and Maddie West following the event

Following their time with Bulmer, DeWitt and Maddie West (Gamma Phi—Florida State), Director of Programming at the time of the event, witnessed an immediate shift in their sisters, even in those unable to attend. “Not only did everyone talk for a few days about everything Katie [taught us] to those that did not attend, but we saw a change in attitude when it came to attending events and getting involved in our chapter,” shared DeWitt and West. “We loved getting to hear from Katie and can’t wait to see how we as Panhellenic women can truly change the world!”

A special thank you to Camryn and Maddie as organizers of this event for the Gamma Phi chapter and to Susan Brink Sherratt (Beta Beta–Michigan State) for making these opportunities for continued leadership training to further chapter wellbeing possible.

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