Remembering Alpha Phi with Susan Zabriskie

by Alpha Phi Foundation in Impact

Giving to celebrate friendship and sisterhood 

Susan Zabriskie (Theta-Michigan) is a former Alpha Phi Executive Director of the Fraternity, Executive Director of the Foundation, and a long-time committed volunteer of Alpha Phi who has served in many roles. Susan answers the call to serve and to lead when she is needed most. “Alpha Phi and the longtime friendships it has given me are a big part of my life. I want to honor everything I have received from my membership. My passion for contributing to this is boundless,” says Susan. 

For Mutual Benefit 

This year Susan met with her financial advisor to initiate a donor-advised fund, in which she will further her support for Alpha Phi Foundation and other charitable organizations. “Giving this way is the quintessential win-win, she says. Through a donor-advised fund, the donor receives a federal income tax charitable deduction and can give to multiple organizations without needing to retain records of each contribution. 

In the Spirit of Love 

After years of service and lending her leadership to Alpha Phi, Susan still feels called to give back out a spirit of love for our sisters and our Fraternity. “I want to support what we are doing for the curious members, the members learning to become effective leaders, the members learning and working towards healthier hearts, and the members experiencing financial hardship.”  

Susan knows that her gift to the Foundation impacts our members and possesses the means to empower them to grow and thrive. In giving through a donor-advised fund, she and other donors like her celebrate the invaluable experiences and relationships their membership in Alpha Phi has provided.

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