Meet the 2023-2024 Alpha Phi Foundation Scholars

Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to recognize the 2023-2024 Foundation Scholars: 81 outstanding Alpha Phis whose academic excellence and achievements make us proud to count them as members of our sisterhood.

Through the generosity of Alpha Phi Foundation donors, we have been able to provide more members the opportunity to expand their academic pursuits and professional dreams, awarding $296,000 in academic scholarships to the women below. By investing in these sisters, we continue to fulfill our mission of advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy now and into the future.

Meet the graduate and undergraduate scholars below and follow Alpha Phi Foundation on Instagram to learn more about the Scholarship Program throughout the year!

Interested in applying for a scholarship for the 2024-2025 school year? Learn more about the Scholarship Program for more information on the upcoming application cycle.



Alex Nieminen

Madge H. Lesher Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta Epsilon (Arizona)
Pursuing Law at University of Arizona

“As an undergraduate, Alpha Phi encouraged and supported me through a network of passionate, hard-working, and like-minded women. So, as an alumna member, I am so grateful to still have that same support from the Alpha Phi Foundation. The Madge H. Lesher Memorial Scholarship will help me follow my long-time dream of becoming a lawyer. During the 2023-2024 school year, I will be a 1L student pursuing my Juris Doctor degree”

Alexa Howser

Joan Merritt Holmes Scholarship

Member of Beta Tau (Indiana)
Pursuing Medicine at University of Louisville School of Medicine

“I am so thankful to Alpha Phi Foundation for choosing me to be a scholarship recipient. Medical school is hard, but this scholarship is just another reminder that I have a great support system cheering me on while on the path to become a physician.”

Amanjit Rai

Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors BIPOC Scholarship

Member of Eta Delta (CSU East Bay)
Pursuing Nursing at St. Bonaventure University

“Being in a graduate nursing school program is stressful. I am thankful for Alpha Phi and the endless support system I have gained throughout the years. Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship will help support my dreams of helping others in healthcare, it will help alleviate some of the stress and allow me to focus on my education. Having worked numerous jobs during undergrad and currently working during graduate school has been very difficult, especially in such a fast paced program. Thank you Alpha Phi Foundation for helping me conquer my dreams.”

Amelia Yuan

Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors BIPOC Scholarship

Member of Theta Eta (Western University)
Pursuing Medicine at Western University

“The BIPOC Scholarship will support my medical school education and my dreams of becoming a physician-scientist. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to continue my training with the support of Alpha Phi. I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing sisterhood.”

Barbara Komendera

Frances Cameron Wiig Scholarship

Member of Xi (Toronto)
Pursuing Developmental Psychology at University of Toronto

“Thank you to the Alpha Phi Foundation for your continued support as I pursue my Master of Education in developmental psychology. It is the utmost honour and privilege to be a 2x Foundation Scholar. Through my studies, I am exploring the causes of math anxiety and interventions for building math confidence, particularly in middle-school and female math students. Furthermore, I am learning and researching strategies for ensuring students develop strong foundational math skills, and most importantly, a love of mathematics and problem-solving.”

Emily Curtiss

John R. and Cecile D. Richards Scholarship

Member of Omega (Texas)
Pursuing Social Work at University of North Texas

“As a future social worker, I yearn to help others navigate life’s complexities. Thanks to this generous award, I’m able to pursue my final year of MSW education and sit for licensure following graduation. I can’t wait to start clinical practice as a mental health therapist; thank you, Alpha Phi, for helping this dream come true.”

Jasman Kaur

Eloise Howell Scholarship

Member of Epsilon Rho (UC Davis) 
Pursuing Medicine at Michigan State University

“I am so grateful for the continuous support I have received from the Alpha Phi Foundation in pursuing my dream of becoming an emergency medicine physician. Being an ER doctor will allow me to serve communities similar to which I grew up in, address the socioeconomic barriers often faced by communities of color and become a doctor who is with, by, and for my community. I am so proud to be a part of a sisterhood that continues to support its members through life’s greatest and most challenging moments. Thank you, Alpha Phi!

Jordyn Austin

Lucy Hart Finnerty Phi Chapter Centennial Scholarship

Member of Phi (Oklahoma) 
Pursuing Osteopathic Medicine at Oklahoma State University

“As I enter my final year of medical school, I am so grateful to receive an Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship. This foundation and sisterhood have supported me immensely over the last seven years as I earned my Bachelor of Science degree and will soon receive my Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. I have dreamed of becoming a physician for many years, and that dream will soon be reality with much thanks to the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Katrina Engeldrum

Nancy Pitchforth Patton Scholarship

Member of Chi (Montana) 
Pursuing Educational Leadership at University of Montana

“Learning that I was chosen for this scholarship came just hours after experiencing a significant setback in my professional career. The news that I had been awarded the Nancy Pitchforth Patton Scholarship reminded me of the power of the sisterhood of Alpha Phi and it served as a beacon of hope to continue my educational and professional journey at a time when I needed it the most, reminding me that my sisters are always there in my time of need to support me in my dreams. With this scholarship, I am reaffirmed in my mission to pursue my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership so that I can one day make impactful and actionable change in the field of education.

Lauren Hekman

Beta Delta Scholarship

Member of Beta Delta (UCLA)
Pursuing Medicine at Loyola University Chicago

“The generous scholarship from the Alpha Phi Foundation will provide the financial stability needed to pursue my medical education, empowering me to fully focus on my studies, clinical experiences, and research opportunities. This support not only helps me realize my professional dreams but also reinforces the profound impact the Alpha Phi experience has had on my life, as it has shaped me into a driven and compassionate individual ready to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare.”

Madisen Swallow

Constance Purkiss Kelly Scholarship

Member of Delta (Cornell)
Pursuing Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale School of Medicine

“I am extremely grateful and honored to be selected as the Constance Purkiss Kelly Scholarship recipient this year, which will be used in support of my medical school education at Yale. I am deeply grateful for the foundational lesions Alpha Phi has provided me and the unwavering support during my educational journey to becoming a physician!”

Madison Albert

Valerie Lawlor Scholarship

Member of Omicron (Missouri) 
Pursuing Medical Science, Physician Assistant at Lincoln Memorial University

“Alpha Phi has continued to show me the meaning of support and sisterhood with a scholarship to continue my education to become a Physician.”

Muna Momah

Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors BIPOC Scholarship

Member of Iota Kappa (Dartmouth) 
Studying Business Management at Harvard Business School

I am so grateful that the Alpha Phi Foundation has made an investment in my education. With this scholarship, I will be one step closer to graduating with my MBA from Harvard Business School, enabling me to achieve my professional goals. I hope to use the business strategy skills I will learn in school to provide long-term solutions to combat the many issues facing sub-Saharan Africa.”

Olivia Delaune

Sally Mitchell Milam Memorial Scholarship

Member of Omega (Texas)
Pursuing Physical Therapy at Texas Women’s University

“This generous scholarship aids me in pursuing my doctorate degree, by granting me resources in order to be a more successful student. This scholarship is just one of many examples of how Alpha Phi has continuously invested in me as a woman, friend, daughter, and student. Even as the chapter of undergrad has closed, the lifelong friends and support of this sisterhood will continue to follow me through as I become a clinician.”

Olivia Duggins

Kristy Burgener Memorial Scholarship and Mary Yearsley Scholarship

Member of Beta Alpha (Illinois)
Pursuing Law at University of Illinois

“It is an honor and a privilege to receive The Mary Yearsley Scholarship and the Kristy Burgener Memorial Scholarship. The support of my generous donors has given me the freedom to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an attorney without financial constraints. I am forever thankful for the Alpha Phi Foundation!”

Olivia Negris

Beverly Lasher Memorial Scholarship

Member of Theta (Michigan)
Pursuing Medicine at Rush Medical College

“Receiving this scholarship has been a transformative experience for my medical training, enabling me to delve deeper into my passions for women’s health, gender inequities, medical education, and mentorship. It has provided me with invaluable resources and opportunities to pursue specialized courses, attend conferences, and collaborate with renowned experts in these fields. With this support, I am empowered to make meaningful contributions, address critical issues, and advocate for positive change within the realms of women’s health, gender equality, and medical education. I am forever grateful to Alpha Phi for this generosity!”

Paige White

Carol Klink Claussen Scholarship

Member of Epsilon Gamma (Sacramento State)
Pursuing Communication Sciences at Sacramento State 

“Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to accept the internship position of my dreams and bring me one step closer to becoming a medical Speech-Langauge Pathologist!”

Rachel Siegman

Marilyn Bracken Ruckman Scholarship

Member of Iota Alpha (Pepperdine)
Pursuing Education at Vanderbilt University

“It is an honor to have received the Marilyn Bracken Ruckman scholarship and I am grateful to the Alpha Phi Foundation for this opportunity to support women in their graduate studies! This scholarship helps my pursuit of further education as I work towards my doctorate degree in Teaching, Learning, and Diversity.”

Roosha Mandal

Helen Bradford Graduate Scholarship

Member of Iota Sigma (Carnegie Mellon)
Pursuing Medicine at University of Illinois 

“As a first-generation medical student, I am honored to receive the Helen Bradford Graduate Scholarship as I pursue my dreams of being a compassionate, community-centered physician. My Alpha Phi community has been with me every step of the way, from undergraduate to post-grad, and I am so grateful for the support of the Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship program.”

Riley Schaner

Courtney Andreas-Gray Scholarship

Member of Eta Theta (San Francisco State)
Pursuing Psychology at New Mexico State University

“I am honored to be receiving the Courtney Andreas-Gray scholarship. This will allow me to concentrate on my research regarding equitable education for students belonging to marginalized groups. Receiving this funding will allow me to prioritize school by minimizing my work hours, thank you!”

Sophia Glinski

Diane Keenum Hite Memorial Scholarship

Member of Eta Iota (Pennsylvania)
Pursuing Psychology at Yeshiva University

“The Diane Keenum Hite Memorial Scholarship that I received from the Alpha Phi Foundation will help to support my academic and professional pursuits within the field of clinical psychology. I will use this scholarship to support the tuition for my doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Albert Einstein.”

Suweksha Shrestha

Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors BIPOC Scholarship

Member of Kappa Iota (Wyoming)
Pursuing Executive Business Administration at University of Wyoming

“Receiving this scholarship will enable me to pursue my professional aspirations in philanthropy. I am excited to get my MBA, network with industry leaders, and gain valuable insights into non-profit trends and best practices. This will equip me with knowledge and skills and help me spearhead innovative projects that can impact the community that has given me so much.”

Samantha Clark

Sigma Scholarship

Member of Sigma (Washington)
Pursuing Architecture at University of Texas

“This scholarship’s contribution to my tuition will help me to realize my professional dreams of becoming an architect and receiving an architecture license following my Master’s program. As I am self-financing my graduate education, I have quickly learned that every penny counts so I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I truly cannot explain how grateful I am for the experiences and memories Alpha Phi has gifted me; I know how to talk in front of large groups, know when to not take “no” for an answer, and how to connect with a diverse array of people and personalities.”



Abbie Whittemore

Margaret Garth Steinert Greene Scholarship

Member of Gamma Omicron (Drake)
Studying Biochemistry at Drake University

“It is an honor and privilege to be awarded the Margaret Garth Steinert Greene Scholarship on behalf of Alpha Phi Foundation! I am pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology with the goal of joining MD-PhD program focusing on cancer research, and this scholarship will reduce some of the financial barriers present, allowing more focus on my coursework, job, and extracurricular involvement. As I complete my degree, I have the goal of becoming a healthcare leader focused on ensuring all individuals are included, represented, respected, and empowered. This vision is something I learned and practiced during my time in Alpha Phi. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive sisterhood that encourages and celebrates success in all its members!.”

Alaina Novotny

Octavia Born Brooks Scholarship

Member of Gamma (DePauw)
Studying Communications at DePauw University

“As a student with plans to attend law school, the Octavia Born Brooks Scholarship will help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with paying for my education at both the DePauw University and beyond. I am both honored and grateful for Alpha Phi and the Alpha Phi Foundation. The confidence, leadership, and relationships that I have both developed and formed through Alpha Phi will undoubtedly support me throughout my future endeavors in law school.”

Amelia Marcum

Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra Scholarship

Member of Kappa (Stanford)
Studying Economics at Stanford University 

“I am incredibly grateful to have been selected as one of the 2022-2023 Alpha Phi Scholars! The Kathleen Feeney Hiemstra Scholarship will be instrumental in assisting me as I pursue my education in Economics and International Relations, while seeking to create sustainable solutions for economic development and minority representation. With the support of Alpha Phi, I remain determined in my dream to create a lasting positive change for my Native American community. I am so honored to follow in the footsteps of thousands of strong, empowering Alpha Phi women who have served as trailblazers within their field!.”

Amiel Katz

Mabel Cowlishaw Siggins Scholarship

Member of Iota Tau (Harvard)
Studying Social Sciences at Harvard College

“I am incredibly grateful to receive the Mabel Cowlishaw Siggins Scholarship as I work towards a degree in social studies and a career at the intersection of public health and international law. With this scholarship, I can spend time supporting my sisters and growing the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of the Iota Tau Chapter! Alpha Phi has given me tremendous opportunities and wonderful friendships, and I will forever be thankful to be part of this community of strong women.”

Anna Farnan

Doris Corbett Scholarship

Member of Iota Mu (Georgia Tech)
Studying Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology 

“I am extremely grateful for the endless support Alpha Phi has provided me with. This scholarship assists me in fulfilling my dreams of staying in school to pursue my masters degree in biomedical engineering to continue making an impact in the medical field. I am forever appreciative of everything Alpha Phi has provided me with.”

Anna Grimm

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Member of Theta Zeta (Florida Tech)
Studying Chemistry at Florida Institute of Technology 

“Alpha Phi for consistent encouragement and assistance. I am so thankful for the opportunities Alpha Phi has given me through personal development and I am so proud to be representing an inspiring organization that has truly changed my life!!”

Annabelle Layt

Jennifer Lynne Brooks Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta Pi (USC)
Studying Business Management at USC

“I am beyond grateful to be an Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship recipient. This scholarship will allow me to excel as I pursue a career in business by encouraging me to continue to learn, grow, and lead. Alpha Phi has provided me with so many amazing connections, experiences, and opportunities throughout my college experience and I am so appreciative for this financial support.”

Ashley Thompson

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship

Member of Gamma Xi (Wichita State)
Studying Mathematics at Wichita State University

“This scholarship will greatly alleviate the financial burden of my last year of college. With graduation approaching in a year, this scholarships helps me feel secure in my ability to graduate with little student debt. This recognition came at the perfect time and makes me optimistic for my future.”

Avery Munn

Abby Dorsa Sobrato Memorial Scholarship

Member of Zeta Gamma (Santa Clara)
Studying Public Health at Santa Clara University

“The generous Alpha Phi scholarship that I have been so grateful to receive will help cover a portion of my academic expenses through tuition as I continue towards further education in graduate school for a Master’s in Public Health. Relieving some of the stress that is associated with costs of attending university, this scholarship is so appreciated by my family and I. The Alpha Phi experience has been a truly unforgettable one, where my time on the executive board and time spent growing alongside women that will be a part of my life forever has changed me for the better. I have gained leadership experience, valuable connections, and so much more. A huge thank you to the Alpha Phi Foundation and the Abby Dorsa Sobrato Memorial for this opportunity!”

Brooklyn Richie

Anne Williams Muhl Scholarship

Member of Omicron (Missouri)
Studying Health Science – Pre-Med at University of Missouri – Columbia

“The Alpha Phi scholarship gives me the ability to chase after what I’m truly passionate about and discover new possibilities that I wouldn’t without it. I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to receive this scholarship.”

Caitlyn Guntle

Lambda 100th Anniversary Scholarship

Member of Lambda (UC Berkeley)
Studying Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley 

“This Alpha Phi scholarship is extremely important to me in pursuing my professional dreams. The women of Alpha Phi have provided me with an invaluable network that has allowed me to grow as a professional and individual. This scholarship will greatly benefit my goals as I begin my career journey!”

Caroline Comisford

Gamma Nu 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Member of Gamma Nu (Miami)
Studying Speech Pathology at Miami University

“I am honored to have been selected as an Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship recipient! Alpha Phi has been played such an important role in my undergraduate experience, and with this scholarship, continues to support me as I pursue my degree in Speech-Language Pathology. As a first-generation college student, my dreams of becoming a speech-language pathologist often used to seem far-fetched, but with the family and continuous encouragement I have found in Alpha Phi and the Alpha Phi Foundation, this dream is coming to fruition.”

Christina Unkenholz

Mary Miller Lyons Scholarship

Member of Delta (Cornell)
Studying Computer Sciences at Cornell University

“I am so honored to have been selected to receive the Mary Miller Lyons Scholarship! I will be forever grateful for the support I have received from my Alpha Phi sorority sisters and the Foundation throughout my time at Cornell! It is so important for women to help and empower other women to pursue their goals and dreams! This scholarship will help me to complete my Computer Science degree at Cornell and pursue a career as a Software Engineer after graduation!”

Danielle Berman

Epsilon Nu Scholarship

Member of Epsilon Nu (Delaware)
Studying Marketing at University of Delaware

“Thanks to the Alpha Phi Foundation, I am relieved of financial pressures and can allocate more of my time to prioritizing my studies and serving my community; therefore, nothing can prohibit me from achieving academic success and flourishing in my future as a business consultant.”

Delaney Shanley

Marlyn G. Frazier Scholarship

Member of Gamma Beta (UC Santa Barbara)
Studying Economics at UC Santa Barbara

“I am so honored to have received this scholarship and grateful for the continued financial support Alpha Phi is providing me in my academic career! I am so appreciative of this recognition as I continue to complete my degrees in Economics and Dance while chasing my dreams of dancing professionally after graduating. The leadership skills I have gained through Alpha Phi as VP of Membership Recruitment have prepared me to achieve anything I put my mind to! The connections and interpersonal traits I have gained will lead to success in my professional career, and I can’t thank Alpha Phi enough for opportunities I’ve had that have turned me into the mature, driven, and eager women I am today.”

Diliana Gresbrink

Irving H. and Marion L. Frank Memorial Scholarship

Member of Eta (Boston)
Studying Political Science at Boston University

“This scholarship will give me the opportunity to be more active in my non- academic pursuits such as Alpha Phi and moot court. In addition, I can use the time I would have needed to spend working on class work to better utilize my education.”

Emily Farley

Carol Grohmann Copeland and James Copeland Delta Beta Scholarship

Member of Delta Beta (Texas A&M – Commerce)
Studying Agriculture Business at Texas A&M – Commerce

“I am so grateful and blessed to have received this scholarship. Ever since I have been involved in Alpha Phi I have grown so much as a women and a young leader, this experience has given me so much knowledge and strength to follow my aspirations. This scholarship will help guide me by supporting my current and future academic endeavors wherever they may lead me!”

Emily Pimentel

Clara Bradley Burdette Founders’ Scholarship

Member of Iota Omicron (WPI)
Studying Chemical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“I am so honored and grateful to receive the Clara Bradley Burdette Founders’ scholarship. Thanks to the generosity of the Alpha Phi Foundation and its donors, I will be completing my senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute debt free. This scholarship will allow me to finish my degree in Chemical Engineering and term as the Iota Omicron Chapter President without any financial stress. I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude to Alpha Phi. This organization has changed my life for the better. I would not be the person I am today without the numerous doors Alpha Phi has opened for me. I am so thankful and fortunate to be apart of a sisterhood that supports its members academically, personally, socially and financially.”

Eva Grunburg

Sharon Petzold Memorial Scholarship

Member of Gamma Beta (UC Santa Barbara)
Studying Communications at UC Santa Barbara

“I am so honored and humbled to receive the Sharon Petzold Memorial Scholarship. After learning about Sharon and her lifelong dedication to learning, to her students, and to her Alpha Phi community, I will strive to emulate her unending passion in my academic career and in my Alpha Phi endeavors! With the unrelenting support of Alpha Phi, the financial burden on myself and my family is eased, and I am blessed with the opportunity to continue my degree in Communication and my minors in Professional Writing and Applied Psychology at UCSB. Since joining Gamma Beta, my Alpha Phi sisters have shown me pure love, support, and kindness that I will be grateful for my entire life. Thank you Alpha Phi, from the bottom of my heart!”

Genevieve Michaelis

Marjorie V. Dove Scholarship

Member of Upsilon (Washburn)
Studying Communications at Washburn University

“This scholarship will help me complete my senior year of my undergraduate degree in communication studies. I will then be able to move on and hopefully being working in the human resources field where I hope to bring fairness and unity to workforces.’”

Graci Porter

Darcel Atwill Weller Scholarship

Member of Iota Omega (Mississippi)
Studying Biology at Ole Miss 

“I am so honored to have been chosen as an Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship recipient. Alpha Phi has been such an important part of my undergraduate degree. By providing this scholarship, the foundation allows me to continue pursuing my dreams of attending medical school! I am beyond thankful for the foundation’s generosity and feel so grateful to be a part of such a supportive organization.”

Haley Geers

Alison Beth Drucker Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta Nu (Duke)
Studying Public Policy at Duke University

“This scholarship will allow me the financial freedom to dedicate my focus to my studies. Coming from a single-parent and low-income household makes it difficult to navigate college without having to set aside time for a job or other ways of making ends meet. Scholarships like this ensure I can spend my time on the things that matter.”

Hannah Carsey

Margaret Beery Doe Scholarship

Member of Beta Delta (UCLA)
Studying Biology at UCLA

“Throughout my undergraduate experience at UCLA, being a member of Alpha Phi has provided me with a sisterhood of remarkable women and has given me life-long friendships. The generosity of the Margaret Beery Doe Scholarship will allow me to earn a B.S. in Biology with a Minor in English from UCLA and will substantiate my ambitions of attending medical school and becoming a physician.”

Hope Smith

Beta Mu House Corporation Board Scholarship

Member of Beta Mu (Alabama)
Studying Finance at University of Alabama

“This scholarship provides me with the opportunity to continue as a leader within my Chapter. Serving on my chapters executive council over the past two years has allowed me to grow and develop as a leader in more ways that I could have ever imagined.”

Isabella Hochschild

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Member of Iota Kappa (Dartmouth)
Studying Computer Sciences at Dartmouth College

“I am honored to receive this scholarship from the Alpha Phi Foundation. Thank you to the generous alumnae who have made this possible; I am immensely grateful to be a part of this empowering community of strong and brilliant women who encourage me to follow my passions and inspire me every day. This is an incredible opportunity and I wholeheartedly appreciate Alpha Phi’s support in my academic journey and future career.”

Jacqueline Moran

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta Upsilon (Oregon State)
Studying BioHealth Science at Oregon State University

“Throughout my time in college, Alpha Phi has provided me with so many amazing memories and invaluable opportunities. I am so grateful for the Alpha Phi Foundation for their constant support and generosity. This scholarship will allow me to continue working toward my undergraduate degree and pursue my lifelong goal of becoming a physician. Thank you, Alpha Phi!”

Julia Del Bosque

Maj Britt Kaal – Zeta Upsilon 20th Anniversary Scholarship

Member of Zeta Upsilon (Washington University)
Studying Philosophy at Washington University

“The Alpha Phi scholarship will propel me towards realizing my international law dreams. With its financial support and access to quality education, I can pursue training and gain expertise to make an impact in the field.”

Kailey Feistner

Ruth Allingham Soriano Scholarship

Member of Sigma (Washington)
Studying Environmental Health at University of Washington

“Alpha Phi scholars are representative of someone who values education and teamwork, working to achieve something bigger than themself. Throughout my time at Alpha Phi, I have grown immensely as an individual, friend, and fellow sorority sister. The Ruth Allingham Soriano Scholarship allows me to designate more of my time to serve my community, participate in the pre-health RSOs, and increase my career opportunities. Being an Alpha Phi Scholar has supported me as I work to achieve my goals and continue my contributions to my community throughout my undergraduate experience, my post-graduate education, and beyond.”

Kara Wantling

Maxine English Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta Epsilon (Arizona)
Studying Nursing at University of Arizona

“I am beyond honored and grateful to receive this generous scholarship, as it will assist me in pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse. I am passionate about my future career plans in healthcare and appreciative of the immense support through this journey. Alpha Phi has gifted me with an abundance of opportunities, experience, and support within and beyond my chapter, that I will cherish forever. I look forward to continuing my growth as a leader and scholar amidst making the fondest memories with intelligent and empowering women. Thank you, AOE!”

Karina Marinovich

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta Nu (Duke)
Studying Public Policy at Duke University

“The Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship is supporting my education as a Public Policy major with minors in Environmental Science and Psychology and my dreams of inspiring change where these three fields intersect. I strive to use my understanding of underlying human behaviors and motivations in order to inform more effective policy strategies to address environmental issues in communities.”

Katelyn Jackson

Craig Hester/Hester Capital Management LLC Scholarship

Member of Kappa Theta (Baylor)
Studying Science Research Fellows at Baylor University

“This scholarship will allow me to finish my undergraduate career at Baylor without unnecessary financial burden. I am incredibly appreciative of the Alpha Phi Foundation and the scholarship donors for allowing me to pursue my medical career ambitions!”

Kate Kundahl

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Member of Tau (Oregon)
Studying Public Relations at University of Oregon

“The Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship has allowed me to continue pursuing my degree in Public Relations with minors in Business Administration and Studio Art. As a student putting myself through college, this scholarship has helped me carry some of the weight of college tuition, and given me the opportunity to focus my time on internships and building my resume as a student.”

Katie Lytle

Sally Hepler Memorial Scholarship

Member of Delta Xi (Nebraska-Kearney)
Studying Chemistry at University of Nebraska-Kearney

“I am humbled and incredibly honored to receive the Sally Hepler Memorial Scholarship. My membership in Alpha Phi has been an integral part of my college experience, as my sisters are there to support me every step of the way toward my chemistry degree. To be recognized alongside such talented women motivates me to continue on and one day encourage other young women to pursue their wildest dreams in the field of STEM.”

Kayla Loyd

Alpha Phi Foundation Board of Directors BIPOC Scholarship

Member of Beta Nu (Duke)
Studying Neuroscience at Duke University

“With this scholarship, financial burdens can be relieved so that I can further focus on my education and spreading diversity. The Alpha Phi community has not only helped me adjust socially to my new home, but the friends I have met have been supportive and open, sharing their tips and tricks for how to navigate my new school that they’ve already experienced. This family of strong-willed girls has been there for me during hard times, and this scholarship further unites me as a leader, not just in my sisterhood, but also now through my culture and the family that extends past my sorority.”

Kelsey Cordes

Delta Xi – Amber Weitzel Memorial Scholarship

Member of Delta Xi (Nebraska-Kearney)
Studying Exercise Science/ Pre-Dietetics at University of Nebraska-Kearney

“Receiving this gift is going to allow me to further my education. All of the support I receive from Alpha Phi and my sisters only inspires me to pursue my goals of becoming a Dietitian. I’ll then be able to support my sisters and chapter with my knowledge.”

Kolby Kinnaman

Linda Gardner Massie Scholarship

Member of Delta Alpha (East Carolina)
Studying Psychology at East Carolina University

“Receiving the scholarship is truly a blessing. It has affirmed my dedication and hard work toward reaching my professional goals. With the financial assistance and motivation it has given me, I feel more empowered to pursue my dreams with even greater passion. It has reminded me of the value of perseverance and embracing new opportunities.”

Lauren Nosky

Kay Wainwright Nixon Memorial Scholarship

Member of Gamma Kappa (CSU Long Beach)
Studying Health Science at CSU Long Beach

“Receiving this scholarship from Alpha Phi is a pivotal step toward realizing my professional dreams as it provides support and resources for me to pursue my passions, thrive in my undergraduate experience, and create a successful career journey. Through my involvement with Alpha Phi, I have developed invaluable leadership skills that have empowered me to overcome challenges, make a positive impact in my community, and emerge as a compassionate and influential leader in my chosen career path. Alpha Phi has shaped me into a woman I am proud of by helping me become a strong and confident individual, while also fostering lifelong friendships that have contributed significantly to my personal growth.”

Lydia Swanson

Martha Jarvis Sutton Scholarship

Member of Epsilon (Minnesota)
Studying Biochemistry at University of Minnesota

“This scholarship will allow me to focus more of my time on shadowing medical professionals and deciding how I would like to spend my career.”

MacKenzie Van Buren

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Member of Delta Beta (Texas A&M-Commerce)
Studying Business Management at Texas A&M-Commerce

“I am grateful for the opportunity this scholarship presents, as it will propel me towards my professional dreams. With the support from this scholarship, I will be able to pursue higher education all while gaining knowledge and skills to help me pave the way for a career that can make an impact. I thank those in my chapter who have helped me in turning my dreams into a reality all through supporting me by keeping me focused and dedicated.”

Madeline Matthys

Gamma Sigma Chapter Scholarship

Member of Gamma Sigma (Wisconsin-Stout)
Studying Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Stout 

“Receiving this scholarship, endowed by Karen McChesney Howe, is such a blessing and has allowed me to finish out my last year at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, free of financial stress! It will allow me to focus heavily on my academics and applying for graduate school where I would like to obtain a Masters in Sports Psychology. I cannot thank the Alpha Phi Foundation enough, as well as all of our donors for the ways in which they give back to the sisters of Alpha Phi, supporting us in ways we sometimes can’t put into words. Because of Alpha Phi’s continuous support, I know that I am capable of achieving all of my goals, dreams, and aspirations.”

Maude St-Pierre

Canadian Centennial Scholarship

Member of Iota Upsilon (Ottawa)
Studying Education at University of Ottawa

“Because I pay for my own education, I have thought multiple times about abandoning my minor to graduate earlier. This scholarship allows me to pursue my studies and not worry about my graduation date, and allows me to study what I am interested in.”

McKayla Galliart

Jane Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Member of Upsilon (Washburn)
Studying Forensic Investigation at Washburn University

“I am so honored to receive this scholarship from the Alpha Phi Foundation. This scholarship will go towards my last year of undergraduate tuition, allowing me to graduate with fewer student loans. I will be able to start my career with less debt due to the generous donors that make these scholarships possible.”

Mclaren Hadley

Ruth-Ellen Elliott Scholarship

Member of Sigma (Washington)
Studying Nursing at University of Washington

“Being an Alpha Phi Scholar means holding yourself to high academic standards, growing your own leadership through Alpha Phi membership, and helping others do the same. I have had the opportunity to hold several officer positions the past three years as an Alpha Phi including Director of Internal Formal Events, VP of Health, Wellness, and Accountability, and now currently Chapter President. In this time, I have been able to continuously grow and expand my leadership skills by receiving mentorship from older members as well as assisting new leaders within the chapter as they transition into new roles. As an Alpha Phi scholar, it is important to set an example for those in your chapter so they are able to then pass on their knowledge to incoming member classes. The support I have received from my membership has helped me to become someone that can now help others grow themselves.”

Megan McFadden

Delta Chi Chapter Scholarship

Member of Epsilon Beta (Butler)
Studying Political Science at Butler University

“I am so honored to receive the Delta Chi Chapter Scholarship and grateful for how my sisters and the Alpha Phi Foundation support me academically and encourage me to be the best student, leader, and sister I can be. This scholarship will allow me to focus on conducting independent research for my Honors thesis. I could not be more thankful for my Alpha Phi sisters, both current and before me, inspire me to dream big and work hard.”

Molly Sage

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Member of Zeta Delta (Iowa State)
Studying Marketing at Iowa State University

“Alpha Phi has always and continues to help me in becoming the best version of myself. Through the support of my chapter- Zeta Delta, my sisters, and the Alpha Phi Foundation, I have had the best support system while working towards my dreams here at Iowa State University. I am so grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of the Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship, as it will help me pursue my dream of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.”

Natalie Mahgerefteh

Joan Covert Doupé Scholarship

Member of Beta Delta (UCLA)
Studying Neuroscience at UCLA

“I am incredibly grateful for the investment made in my education by the Doupe family and the Alpha Phi Foundation. Alpha Phi has been instrumental in shaping my undergraduate experience and personal growth, and I will always cherish its endless support. This scholarship will help further my academic career as I explore my intellectual passions, nurture my leadership abilities, and strive to leave a positive impact on the lives of others.”

Nelly Garces

Mabel Cooper Lamb Scholarship

Member of Beta Nu (Duke)
Studying Computer Sciences at Duke University

“The more you know the less you understand” -Laozi. I love this quote because it is something I am always reminded of when sitting in a classroom, motivating me to learn as much as possible. Whether it be learning in a chapter meetings or lectures in computer science, I am constantly reminded that the world has an endless amount of information.”

Olivia Lempka

Nu Centennial Scholarship

Member of Nu (Nebraska)
Studying Biology at University of Nebraska

“The Alpha Phi experience has had a great impact on my college experience and education so far. This scholarship will help reduce the financial stress of my undergrad years, allowing me to focus on my studies and pursue my goal of becoming a Pediatric Physician’s Assistant. Alpha Phi has given me so many opportunities and experiences to grow both academically and as a leader within my community. Alpha Phi has allowed me to build connections and relationships with some of the strongest and determined women, that I look up to.”

Olivia Lombardo

Virginia Coleman Scholarship

Member of Iota Chi (Yale)
Studying Political Science at Yale University

“I am immensely grateful to the Alpha Phi Foundation for supporting my professional and academic growth at Yale. This scholarship will be instrumental in my pursuit of a legal career. Through law and policy, I hope to address unmet legal needs facing clients.”

Or Yahalom

Kathleen Roy Cummings Memorial Scholarship

Member of Beta (Northwestern)
Studying Economics at Northwestern University

“Receiving the esteemed Kathleen Roy Cummings Memorial Scholarship fills me with immense gratitude and excitement, as it serves as a transformative opportunity that will propel me towards realizing my professional dreams and making a lasting impact in the business world. This scholarship will empower me to pursue my professional dreams with confidence and determination, allowing me to inspire and mentor other women entering business professions.”

Paige Westerburg

Beta Omicron Anniversary Scholarship

Member of Beta Omicron (Bowling Green)
Studying Education at Bowling Green State University

“I am so grateful for all of the opportunities Alpha Phi has given me including this scholarship. The Beta Omicron Scholarship helps bring me closer to earning my dual degree in inclusive early childhood education. I am excited to use the foundation of leadership Alpha Phi has helped me build in my own classroom with my students.”

Rachel Tat

Edwynne C. Rosenbaum Scholarship

Member of Iota Zeta (Colorado School of Mines)
Studying Business Engineering and Management Science at Colorado School of Mines

“Being chosen as the recipient of the Edwynne C. Rosenbaum Scholarship this year fills me with immense gratitude and honor. Alpha Phi has already granted me with so many opportunities, and this scholarship will pave the way for even greater leadership prospects in my academic and professional journey, specifically within the technology industry. With my degree in Business Engineering and Management Science, I aspire to design and implement systems that foster innovation and fuel organizational growth.”

Rachelle Evans

Rachel G. Smylie Theta Chapter Scholarship

Member of Theta (Michigan)
Studying Political Science at University of Michigan

“I am extremely dedicated to both the Alpha Phi Theta Chapter as well as my academics at the University of Michigan. Thanks to the Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship, I can continue to remain active in my chapter while I pursue my professional dreams of going to law school.”

Sofia Ouslis

Sally McCall Grant Scholarship

Member of Theta Eta (Western University)
Studying Political Science at Western University

“To receive the Sally McCall Grant Scholarship is an honor beyond thought. I am incredibly grateful to be honoured with this as a progression to my community building and advancement of education for all university students. Thank you dearly to Alpha Phi, Sally McCall Grant and Diane Spry Straker to their service and generosity.”

Sofia Posada

Linda Trinh Memorial Scholarship

Member of Zeta Omicron (Johns Hopkins)
Studying Computer Sciences at Johns Hopkins University

“By alleviating the financial burden of my education, the Linda Trinh Memorial Scholarship allows me to devote more time to my studies as I pursue my dream of becoming a surgeon. I am truly grateful to Alpha Phi for their constant support and their belief in me.

Sydney Herring

Beta Beta Chapter Scholarship and Beta Beta Class of 1963 40th Anniversary Scholarship

Member of Beta Beta (Michigan State)
Studying Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University

“I am beyond thankful to be the recipient of The Beta Beta Chapter Scholarship and The Beta Beta Class of 1963 40th Anniversary scholarships. These scholarships will help immensely by allowing me to focus on my academic and enrichment activities. I am so thankful to be part of such a generous organization. Alpha Phi has given me more
opportunities than I ever could have imagined, including the chance to grow in a leadership role, engage with the community in philanthropic events, and form lifelong friendships.”

Taylor Argabright

John and Sharon Spraker Barnes Scholarship

Member of Phi (Oklahoma)
Studying Public Relations at University of Oklahoma

“Alpha Phi has helped me so much in my pursuit of education at the University of Oklahoma! Though scholarships, connections, and available upperclassmen tutors I’ve been able to run towards my academic goals. I’m thankful for the way Alpha Phi has helped me grow in my leadership and professional skills!”

Vittoria Mazzone

Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship

Member of Iota Rho (Clemson)
Studying Nursing at Clemson University

“By receiving an Alpha Phi Foundation scholarship I feel empowered to pursue my educational and career goals on a higher level and make the most of the opportunity offered. I look forward to dedicating more time and energy into pursuing research opportunities, clinical internships, and taking advantage of many conferences and workshops to build my knowledge of medicine. Being part of Alpha Phi Foundation’s scholarship program, I am excited to see how much deeper my love for this organization can grow. Alpha Phi has changed my college experience for the better and has
allowed me to form connections and friendships to last a lifetime. I’m excited to now connect with fellow recipients and hope to continue networking with alumni and professionals affiliated with Alpha Phi.”

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Scholarship Program

Through the generosity of Alpha Phi Foundation donors, Alpha Phi Foundation awarded $296,000 in merit and need-based scholarships to graduate and undergraduate Alpha Phis for the 2023-2024 academic year. The 2024-2025 scholarship application will open in December 2023. Learn more about the Scholarship Program.


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