Alpha Phi Foundation Celebrates Women’s History with Heart

by Courtney Chaffin in Impact

Alpha Phi Foundation had a wonderful time celebrating Women’s History Month – a recognition of women’s contributions to history, culture and society! With over 270,000 members, Alpha Phi is made up of so many incredible women — including trailblazers, innovators, givers, and doers — and we are honored to celebrate each and every one of you!

We kicked off the month by celebrating International Badge Day on March 6th. Established in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference, this day honors sisterhood and celebrates the common sorority experience across women’s fraternal groups.

We dove into the history behind our beloved Alpha Phi Badge and shared the story of how our badge’s beautiful design came to be. To this day, members continue to wear our badge with pride, as an outward demonstration of Union Hand-in-Hand and our loyalty to our sisters in Alpha Phi. To read the full history of our Alpha Phi Badge, check out History IT’s Story #017: The Alpha Phi Badge.

On March 8th, we recognized International Women’s Day, an annual celebration around the world that honors the achievements and contributions of women, while challenging the discrimination and oppression they continue to face.

In honor of International Women’s Day Global’s 2023 campaign theme, #EmbraceEquity, we encouraged sisters to share their passion and excitement that comes from valuing and supporting difference. As Alpha Phi International’s philanthropic partner, we are steadfast in our commitment to helping our Alpha Phi sisters and women everywhere #EmbraceEquity.


Of course, our Women’s History Month celebrations did not stop there! Alpha Phi Foundation is dedicated to collecting, preserving and sharing the groundbreaking history of our organization through the publication of our 3-part Alpha Phi History Book Series.

Throughout Women’s History Month, we shared highlights from each chapter of our History Book Series on our Instagram Story. We set out on a project to give our community a glimpse into the amazing stories that are told in “Union Hand in Hand” and “Alpha Phi Toujours”, as we gear up for the release of the much-anticipated Volume 3: Ivy and Forget-Me-Not, 1973-2022!


Thank you for celebrating Women’s History Month with us! Be sure to follow @alphaphifoundation on Instagram to take a look back on our History Book Highlights Series!

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