From the Heart: Ariana Naaseh

by Katie Gates in Impact

Alpha Phi sister, 4x Foundation Scholar, and now General Surgery resident Dr. Ariana Naaseh (Lambda-UC Berkeley) reflects on the impact of her Alpha Phi experience.

Even before Ariana Naaseh, M.D., began her undergraduate career at the University of California, Berkeley in 2012, she knew that she wanted to find a home away from home in the Greek community. Connecting most with the determination and interests of the women of Alpha Phi, she not only found an organization to grow as a person but a place to support her academic goals and professional aspirations of becoming a surgeon.

Dr. Naaseh with fellow surgery residency applicants

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, women physicians represented only 22% of general surgeons in the United States in 2019. Inspired by her personal provider experience while treating adult acne and the unique bond she witnessed between a surgeon and a patient as a third-year medical student, Ariana aspired to add to this number, working hard not only to be the “best medical doctor” for her future patients but one who could “connect with [them] as a confidante and supporter.”

As a four-time Foundation Scholarship recipient during her undergraduate and medical education, Ariana is no stranger to the support Alpha Phi Foundation and its generous donors provide sisters at every step of their academic journey. Through her Alpha Phi experience, Ariana was also able to take advantage of opportunities to build “an incredible foundation of leadership and communication skills” needed as a student doctor at UC Irvine’s School of Medicine and now as an incoming General Surgery Resident at Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Naaseh on Match Day 2021

“As a future surgeon, I’ll be making difficult decisions and leading teams – both skills that I practiced and worked to perfect as an Alpha Phi. Medicine is a team sport and I learned how to work through real-world challenging problems, serve as a liaison to a diverse community, and lead teams.”

With a lifelong love of learning and working hard, becoming a physician was a clear way for Ariana to fulfill her desire to give back to others. She also gives back to Alpha Phi Foundation as a volunteer, leveraging her expertise to serve as a Medical Reader for the Heart to Heart Grant, helping Alpha Phi annually reaffirm its commitment to improving women’s cardiac care. “I start and end my day with such an excitement and appreciation for what I have been chosen to do – I know it is an incredible privilege and honor to be in the position I am in.”

A bright future for Alpha Phi

Reflecting on the lessons of friendship, community, and balance she learned as a collegiate member of the Lambda Chapter, Ariana hopes that Alpha Phi “continues to innovate and progress to be the most diverse and inclusive fraternity,” and that “current and future members continue to empower each other and utilize the impressive network of alumna to reach their goals.”

Through the Leading With Heart endowment campaign, Alpha Phis far and wide have an opportunity to do just that by investing in evolving and innovative leadership programming, life-changing scholarship opportunities, and cutting-edge women’s heart health research and education in perpetuity.

Learn how you can empower the women leaders and scholars of the present and future by leading with your heart at

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