• Can a third party apply on my behalf?

    Yes, a third party can fill out the application on your behalf.

  • Can I apply on my own behalf?

    Yes, you can fill out the application on your own behalf.

  • Can I use a Forget Me Not Grant for Alpha Phi membership dues and/or in-house room and board expenses?

    No. Forget Me Not Grants cannot be applied toward dues and/or in-house room and board expenses. Personal Statements that specifically request funds for dues and/or in-house room and board expenses will not be considered.

  • Do I have to be an Alpha Phi to apply?

    Yes, you must be an Alpha Phi member in good standing with Alpha Phi International Fraternity.

  • How many times can I receive a Forget Me Not Grant?

    Forget Me Not Grant Recipients may receive only one grant per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30 of each year). Applicants can apply for the Forget Me Not Grant more than one time. However, grants may only be awarded two times to the same applicant. Applicants may be awarded a second time only if they are experiencing an unrelated emergency crisis situation or a significant worsening of the original crisis situation for which they applied.

  • Is there an average Forget Me Not Grant amount?

    Forget Me Not Grants range in amount from $500 to $2,500

  • May I apply if I’m a new member of Alpha Phi?

    New members may apply, but applications will not enter the review process until the member is initiated into Alpha Phi Fraternity.

  • What criteria is used to evaluate Forget Me Not Grant applications?

    Applications are accepted by Foundation Staff, who verifies eligibility based on criteria approved by the Foundation Board of Directors, which includes:

    • 1. The applicant is a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity who has completed the requirements of the Forget Me Not Grant application
    • 2. The severity of applicant’s hardship and the extent to which the applicant may alleviate that hardship with existing income, resources, and circumstances
    • 3. The existence of applicant’s liabilities and other factors that may diminish the applicant’s ability to allocate income or resources to alleviate the specific hardship
    • 4. Evidence the applicant is seeking any and all available support to alleviate the hardship
    • 5. The existence and level of prior or current financial support the applicant has received or is receiving from the Foundation or any other source
  • Who is eligible to apply for a Forget Me Not Grant?

    Alumnae members in good standing facing severe and unforeseen financial distress, serious health issues, consequences of natural disasters and urgent family crisis

    Collegiate members in good standing who face an interruption of education due to severe and unforeseen personal or financial struggles.

    Members of the Foundation Board of Directors, Foundation Staff and family members of both are not eligible.

  • Who should serve as the reference for my application?

    For collegiate members, a chapter advisor should serve as the reference.

    For alumnae members, a fellow Alpha Phi or non-Alpha Phi friend, coworker, and/or family member who is familiar with the circumstances surrounding your application should serve as the reference.

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