• Can I update my application after I hit “Submit”?

    No. Once your application has been submitted, you can no longer make changes to it. Be sure to review your application thoroughly before clicking “Submit.”

  • Can I use a scholarship for room and board or my Alpha Phi membership dues?

    No. Scholarships cannot be applied toward room and board expenses. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Alpha Phi Foundation cannot support Fraternity- or Greek-specific expenses, including membership dues.

  • Do I have to have a certain major to apply?

    No, Alpha Phi Foundation accepts all majors. There are some scholarships specific to certain majors.

  • Does Alpha Phi Foundation offer need-based scholarships?

    Yes! Alpha Phi Foundation is proud to offer need-based scholarships. The Alpha Phi Foundation Scholarship is awarded annually to five outstanding undergraduate Alpha Phis who qualify based on both merit and need.

  • How do I know if my references have submitted their recommendation forms?

    After your references have submitted their complete recommendation forms, you will see their uploaded documents appear in the “Attachments” Tab on your application. Once both have been submitted, you will be able to review and submit your application.

  • How many applications does the Foundation receive per year and how many scholarships are awarded?

    For the 2022-23 academic year, a total of 153 undergraduate applications were submitted and 50 undergraduate scholarships were awarded; 80 graduate applications were submitted and 26 graduate scholarships were awarded.

  • I am completing a graduate application, but I do not know which university I will be attending for graduate school yet. What do I put in the Institution section?

    Graduate applicants should enter the institution information for the university they will most likely be attending in the fall. If you are selected as a recipient, you will have the opportunity to update your university information before your scholarship is disbursed.

  • I am currently a senior undergraduate member with plans to attend graduate school next year. Which application should I complete?

    Please complete the graduate application as any funds awarded would go towards the upcoming academic year.

  • I have previously received a scholarship from Alpha Phi Foundation. Can I apply again?

    Yes. Applicants may receive scholarships multiple times. The primary consideration is that you are enrolled or are in the process of enrolling in a part-time or full-time degree-granting program for the upcoming academic year.

  • I need to gather more information for my application. Will Alpha Phi Foundation accept late material?

    Alpha Phi Foundation will not accept late applications or materials for any reason. These include, but are not limited to applications, recommendations, and transcript documents.

  • I qualify for multiple scholarships. Do I have to submit a separate application for each award?

    No. Upon submitting a scholarship application, you are automatically a candidate for any scholarships for which you qualify. We encourage all interested candidates to submit a scholarship application and allow Alpha Phi Foundation to consider you for any awards for which you are eligible.

  • What happens if my computer crashes while I’m working on the application?

    To protect your application information from being lost, we recommend that you save all of your responses in a separate document. Also, as you work on your application, periodically save your changes. Application information is only saved when the applicant saves the content. There is no other way to retrieve information that was not saved by the user.

    Please keep in mind that Alpha Phi Foundation will not accept late submissions, even in the event of a technology glitch.

  • What’s the difference between merit-based and need-based scholarships?

    Need-based scholarships are awarded on the basis of both merit and financial need. Financial need is not considered for merit-based scholarships. Candidates for need-based scholarships must be undergraduates who have completed and submitted the need-based scholarship section of the scholarship application.

  • When is my scholarship application due?

    Scholarship applications, including completed recommendations from references and transcripts, are due March 2024. The exact date and time will be announced in Fall 2023.

  • Will my scholarship application be considered if my references do not submit their recommendations by the application deadline?

    No. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Alpha Phi Foundation will not accept late applications or materials for any reason. These include, but are not limited to applications, recommendations, transcript and financial need documents.

    In order for your application to be considered, it must include complete recommendations from an Alpha Phi Alumna Reference and a Community Reference. As the applicant, you are responsible for submitting your complete application and verifying that your references have submitted complete recommendation forms.

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